Monday, 21 November 2011

INFJ and different kinds of personality.

Hello My Lovelies,

a few days ago the youtuber "Catrific" posted a video about this particular kind of personality test by Myers Briggs. There is basically 16 different kinds of personality, I got "Counselor" which is basically attributed to the INFJ personality which stands for: I= Introverted N= Intuitive F=Feeling and J= Judging. A fictional character that has an INFJ personality is Amelie Poulain...well..
Apparently it's the most rare cause only 1% of the population gets this result.. and I was wondering why I considered myself strange. 

Now this test classifies you basing on this criteria: 

  • Extraversion - Introversion
  • Sensing - Intuition
  • Thinking - Feeling
I find it quite interesting that people are so attracted to "personality tests" I mean, I am too...otherwise I wouldn't have taken it, but in the end I was just reading that result saying "yep that's right, that's me" but.. why do I need a confirmation ? I know myself, plus after reading "Blink - the power of thinking without thinking" by Malcolm Gladwell, I know that subconsciously we only pick things, out of a text, which we can relate too, therefore those results almost always look like they're the "story of our lives" but anyway, I wasn't too fascinated about this, but maybe Cat will give you a more enthusiastic look on this topic. 

Anyway if you want to know what personality you are give the test a shot :)

Have fun :)
Julie x

"The INFJ individual is gifted in ways that other types are not. Life is not necessarily easy for the INFJ, but they are capable of great depth of feeling and personal achievement."

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Thursday, 17 November 2011

Let the Christmas spirit begin...

Hello My Lovelies,

this post comes from my fave chair at home, right next to the fireplace. I'm having a nice cup of hot chocolate with cinnamon (try it it's awesome) and I'm watching a traveling show with my dad. This is like the perfect winter afternoon. That's why I'm feeling in a Christmass-y mood. 

First of all open this and have it play in the background: 

I'm kinda annoyed that I'm missing out of all the Christmas stuff that's happening in Paris but I decided I'm gonna create it right here in my house. My best friends will be victims of this, we will watch romantic christmas movies together, "home alone", bake cookies, just sit together and maybe... maybe... go get christmas presents together. Watch the Nutcracker ballet DVD.
Can't wait for my mom to finally be back home, to start decorating the house, the tree (we're actually getting it together this year) and stuff. 

I started to look at ways to decorate your christmas tree and recipes for christmas dinner.. gosh I can't wait till mom's finally home so that I can start making all this stuff with someone :D
Look at those trees !!! 
Our trees always look pretty empty even though we try to fill them up with stuff.. it's just never the same... 
The dinner then.. this year it will be even more boring since it's gonna be just me and my parents and yea.. well... TV will keep us company ! But meh.

How are you gonna celebrate ? Yea you, you reading this ! :) Thank you for reading btw ^_^

Julie x

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Friday, 11 November 2011

Count of the days stopped...

Hello My Lovelies,

so as you can see from the title, the count of the days stopped. Why ? Because I'm finally back home in Italy. Those last 2 weeks couldn't have been worse. I got 2 fines on the metro, one was definitely NOT my fault and the other one... well... let's not talk about this ! Then the life with the hooker.. I started to sleep better on the mattress on the floor and if she didn't start washing the dishes at 4am with loud music on it wouldn't even have been too bad ! But that household was just messed up ! My life was already upside down I can't handle other people's crap too tbh !
What kept me going was youtube, I didn't post in a while cause well I don't really know, I just didn't feel like it, my mood hit rock bottom and stayed there quite a while and I didn't want to make a video in bad mood, anyway it kept me going cause I was always watching videos of Luke Conard, Ingrid (Missglamorazzi), Brittany Joyal, Joey Graceffa, Meghan Camarena (Strawburry17) and Catherine Valdes (Catrific) they're an amazing group of people and they all are vlogging... well not all of them but most of them and it was basically the only bit of routine I had, coming back "home" and watching either vlogtober or VEDIN (vlog every day in november). 

Monday morning was quite an adventure ! For a few days my ATM card was not working anymore in metro ticket machines so when I got there monday morning (the day I was supposed to come to Italy) it didn't work and I didn't have enough money to get a ticket to the airport which was 13.50€ so, since I was going to meet Edie, I thought I'd just get a regular ticket to a stop in the middle and she could have borrowed me the rest, but nope didn't even have 3.20€ for the other ticket. So I went to ask the information desk to either get me a ticket or get me money from my card but nope, they told me to go to the ATM "round the corner" a.k.a. 1 km away ! I went there and got 60€ a 50 and a 10... back to the station, go to the machine and Oh Look... the machine only takes up to a 20 bill ! Information desk again, can you change a 50 ? - No we don't have money. Go to the bakery, can you change a 50? - No it's too early in the morning to change so much ! *Julie randomly starts crying* run outside I see some business suit guy ask to change money, nope don't have it, FOR FUCK'S SAKE !!!!! I ask him even if he only has 40ç (which was enough to get one ticket) and yess he gives me 50ç ! That guy literally saved me. RATP (the french metro/rail company) really fucking sucks !

With that said nothing interesting happened then.. flight was alright, had to wait 2 hrs for my ferry cause there had been an issue and the last ferry didn't go but yea.. I wasn't in a rush. 
And now I'm finally back home, my bed, my shower, my washing machine. A safe place for now.

Gotta go back to some important dates now:
26.10.2011 - Imelda May in Paris !
Well it was an amazing concert, the french aren't too fun to be with, I was one of the only few singing along but meh... I had fun ! There were a lot of rockabilly styled people, some girls in a pin-up look... I'd love to dress like that once, so awesome ! Anyway after the gig of course I waited outside to meet her (I even got her a present) and yess there she was and she remembered me.. flippin amazing :) Here's the picture I got with her. 

Yes, yes we are wearing the same lipstick ! During a live q&a I asked her what lipstick she wears and I bought it in Paris :D

3.11.2011 *blog post written on that day*
Here I am waiting for my "hour of magic" ! Today 3rd of november I have a job interview for Disneyland. Yes this was the secret. The last week my mood has been at its lowest since a long time ! Just some random moments of joy but mainly anxiety, stressed out-ness, annoyance and so on. Why ? Cause after I got my mail from Disney and after I called one of the 3 magic numbers I was told I would receive a mail, I received absolutely nothing ! Therefore I wasn't sure anything was gonna happen today.
I went to the office today and I met the same lady as last time, last time she kinda mocked me for my french, today she was pretty nice (good for her). She looked me up on the computer, we laughed about the fact that OH JOY ! I got the same name as Sarkozy's daughter and I had to wait a while... after a few moments a fantastic lady came in to say that of course I could still take part at the recrutement and afterwards I had the interview.
*end of what I wrote on phone*
Anyway it was quite a strange kind of casting/job interview..well it was my first so it might even be normal. We were seating in this room staring at a blank screen all around us disney characters with comic bubbles saying stuff like "Tolerance is cool" and other things. We watched a short movie about people who had been working for disneyland for ages, about the housing, about the health care and then we were asked 3 questions..but none of them really mattered it was more like a game.
After we had a short break and before the interviews started we were in the same room all watching "Raiponce" a.k.a. french. Then the interview was 2 by 2 so I went with this girl who unluckily (for me) already worked for disneyland both Paris and Florida, but I don't think my interview went too bad. I was pretty happy with it... but then of course... it would have been a nice surprise if for once things went well. About 4 days later I got a mail saying that even though my profile was good and they were interested, there was no place for me. 

So now back in Italy, same position as last year at this time, jobless, clueless. 

That's what I got to say for now. I will be vlogging later so expect a new video tomorrow on  

I hope that you my lovely readers are all healthy and safe.
Julie x

PS: During my jobless time I'll probably take this blog to a lighter note, speaking about my depressions and struggles are getting boring both for you AND me ! My Youtube Channel
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