Monday, 31 December 2012

Au revoir 2012, bienvenue 2013 !

Hello My Lovelies,

long time no see (as usual)...
Let me update you on a few things, so things are back to... I guess normal ? I'm back in Italy which means that my internship at the fabulous Magic Circus is over... oh tears have been shed. 
I had the best of times and I will keep the memories forever. My internship ended with an amazing "Goodbye/Christmas" Party with my colleagues. First we went to a fancy, super elegant italian restaurant, then we went bowling and last but not least to a club. 
I miss those guys.

With most of my amazing colleagues :)
I will leave out the details about my departure day because well that is a whole different story and ended with a complaint e-mail sent to Air France... oh yes I had to listen to a lot of complaints this year so why not be on the other side and be the... "complainer" ?

I've now been home for 16 days and I will be heading back to lovely Switzerland in 1 week and I really can't wait to be back. I must admit that I'm getting sick of traveling... it's amazing, incredible, people envy me... bless them but I swear it ain't fun having to haul your life back and forth. 
It will eventually end and I'll be able to settle... just not now.

Last year I started a diary in which I wrote down a few moments, in the back I noted my 2012 resolutions so here are the nominees of resolutions 2012:

  1.  Write in the diary every work or school day (FAIL)
  2. Become more or less fluent in french (WIN je ne crois pas que je parle français courament mais surment je le parle carrement mieux que au debut)
  3.  Get to 60 or 58 (FAIL, yet I managed to keep my weight all the way through the year)
  4. Make more interesting videos (FAIL, I gave up my youtube career)
  5. Keep in touch with one special person (FAIL randomly but not much..)
  6. Get good grades (WIN well... kinda..)
  7. Buy from vintage stores to save money (FAIL !!!!!!! Especially the saving money bit)
  8. Get hair to "under-boob" lenght (FAIL now this was a joke I made with my best friend Marty but included it anyway, at some random point in time I reached that lenght but my hair was more than fried so i cut it off.. I'm on a good way now though)
  9. Keep learning dutch (WIN as in I kept doing it a bit.. enough to check people in)
  10. Rewatch all of "Friends" (WIN I did.. and... re-did)
  11. Get more active (FAIL ! Besides random outbursts of energy I hardly did anything)
  12. Have random dates. (WIN now this needs a bit of explanation.. I had a random date last year 2011 with a guy i met at FNAC, we had been at the same casting and we just went for a coffee afterwards. It was a fun thing so i thought whenever someone in a situation like that asked me out I'd go for it and I did 5 times.. Can't remember who all those were but whatever)

So that was it for 2012. There was actually just 1 more which I didn't want to write on here but it's been a WIN too. 
Now for 2013 I don't have a lot.

  1. Eat Less
  2. Get back into running.
  3. Say YES more often.
  4. Learn and USE my Canon camera (maybe finally sell that huge lens to get a smaller one ?)
  5. Keep in touch with my ex colleagues.
  6. Follow the idea of my favourite blogger "Hello it's Valentine" and post every month 7 things I loved (in pictures...reason to use the Canon more)
And that's also was a bit of a messy post but there's more to come. I'll post more often these days preparing up to my travel again.

Until then.. see you, next year.
Have a good new year's eve, party hard.. not too much. 


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Wednesday, 14 November 2012

The Disneyland Paris Backstage, thanks to... the internet.

Hello My Lovelies,

My life’s troubled with being alone somewhere in the world, from time to time, the internet is an amazing matter to keep connected and to get to know new people.
Bless the internet for most of the people I got to know this year.

Most of them I met through twitter.
I have a personal twitter and a Disney related twitter (on request of someone *cough* CF) and through the Disney related twitter I got to meet and to know a bunch of lovely human beings.
First there’s Thomas whom I met together with Jolien and Annelies this summer in DLP after a terrible night shift. I spent a lovely day with them in the park and it was great to meet them in real life. They’re Duffy crazy and super animated, it was like being with “undressed” characters all day <3

Annelies, Me, The Mouse Himself, Jolien, Thomas and their Duffies @ Meet Mickey

Secondly, this was less twitter and more mails honestly, I got to meet Blogparks (I guess it's more something for my italian followers as he writes in italian). I’m not saying his name for reasons but, he’s a castmember. He came back to work during the halloween period and we met up twice and thanks to him and his fearlessness I got to see the backstage, the hidden bits of Disneyland Paris. Saying that I was an emotional wreck is nothing, yet I kept it cool HA HA always been there, i know every corner of it.. of course... OMG IS THAT THE BIGGEST WARDROBE IN EUROPE ??? O_O 
Sadly no pictures allowed.. well probably they are allowed but since I was there quite “illegally” it wouldn’t have been good to risk. On the matter of risks.. we ate at Imaginations ! I ate at the CM cafeteria.. *act normal, keep it cool*  
And, this is probably a quite well hidden secret... right on the opposite side of the restaurant Walt’s is another CM cafeteria (I ate there too ^_~). 
It was 2 afternoons of Disney secrets sharing.. one of which I spoke on here about: the “Harringtons” dome.. he didn’t know of that... shame ! haha
He introduced me to a bunch of little CM procedures which I will (hopefully) eventually get to know very well but it was nonetheless amazing to get to know so many little things that you would normally not know.
The second time we met it was the opening of the Christmas Season so we got to see the tree while it was being turned on. Simply amazing :) Although I need to go back again because there was a show going on under the tree and we were quite far away to actually see it.

So here I leave you now with this little insight to the hidden area of Disneyland Paris. 
Have a good day.


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Thursday, 18 October 2012

You're so brave.


That's the present age of the writer of this blog. Yup 2 days ago I became legal age in the US.. not that I care since in Europe I've been for the last 3 years. 

Lately I've been getting a bunch of comments all of the same kind, whether its guests I'm having small talk with or colleagues or friends.
"You're so brave, so young and so far away from home." I'm getting to the point of saying.. grow some balls. You're 30 (or older when it came to guests)... I'm not brave.. I had to do it. 

I grew up in a place where my future was working in a supermarket. When I was 6 I remember people asking me (cause I was such a talent speaking 2 languages back then -_-°) whether I wanted to stay in Italy and I always said NO. Imagine a 6 year old... with a brain.

Of course I know that it's a compliment but I can help but hearing envy in some words and I always remember a phrase I *secretly* lived by.

If you don't like where you are, change it! You're not a tree. - John Rohn

Which is exactly what some people need to start living by when they're unhappy... moving to another country can be difficult but start with a reason why and find something to do and f****** move away. You will miss your friends and family but.. you will make new friends and keep in touch with the old ones (yea right as if...).
Make something out of your life. 

I'm glad to say that I finally found my place in this world... I'm a hotel management student. I want to be a hotel manager.. one day... yes one day.. but I'm working on it. I'm actively working on my dream. Start doing ! 

The downsides of this live is the change of companies, not the place you live in.. you gotta find your little corner of paradise (there's one everywhere), but the change of people... it's difficult that you move to a place and already have a close group of friends. You come to realise that... damn it's difficult to make friends. I mean.. as adult where do you meet people ? Besides your colleagues ? 
But you eventually get there it takes a little time.

Anyway I leave you now with this a little negative post, with a song that I thought fitted really well, then I looked up the meaning and... it's absolutely perfect. Only thing.. it's in german.
It's about the need for "strong arms" that can carry you home. Home, is not a physical place because due to the traveling it's not possible,it's a place that you have to create inside yourself.



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Thursday, 4 October 2012

Long time no see: being a night audit, birthdays and relationships.

Hello My Lovelies,

....still someone there ?

5 o'clock in the morning... conversation got boring..
I know it's been over a month but life just rushed by. Can you believe it's already october ? where did this year go ? You're probably hearing this a lot lately.. I think we're always saying this every single year around this time.

Today I am on my break, so here I am writing to you with a few updates.

1. I survived 2 weeks in the horrible midnight shift.. 23-7 is absolutely not fun believe me. I learnt a lot as night audit but it's definitely not a job i'd like to do all my life, imagine always working when others sleep and sleeping when others wake to go to work. I lost completely the notion of time and I was just constantly confused.

Pic from Edie's Birthday. 

2. My friend Edie is back in Paris for a years (at least) this time to studying Fashion. Hope it's going to work out well this time, considering that both our last experiences in Paris were quite unfortunate (see october 2011). 

Marie and I being obnoxious in the middle.
3. I do still absolutely love my job and I'm growing fonder and fonder of my colleagues which is great and on the other hand bad, I'm gonna miss them a lot when I'm leaving. 
Apparently in the month of November I'm changing services, either housekeeping or reservations. It's interesting but it also saddens me a bit. I only hope that I get to spend my last 2 weeks in december at the reception.

4. I guess I can update on my private life as well.. I can say that now we're 2.. no i'm not pregnant. But that's also all you get. It's an unfortunate situation like always. In any case so don't expect a fairytale to come out of it. I'm a realist.

We don't have pictures together.. this seemed fitting enough ;)

Well that is everything for now. Sad news, my annual passport expired.. but maybe with my birthday money (like last year) I will renew it. November is Christmas Time a.k.a my favourite and I missed it last year so I definitely gotta be there this year.

Toodle pip, until next time.


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Thursday, 9 August 2012

Be the guest you want to be remembered for and other ramblings.

Hello My Lovelies,

another day another bunch of moron guests.
Don't get me wrong, not everyone's bad but more often than not you get guests where the check-in lasts literally 10 minutes (when everything goes well) just because you want to get rid of them ASAP.
Guests who don't smile, who don't say hello, who just hand you their reservation and when you explain things or ask question don't even listen or not or give any sign of life.
Those are the guests I dislike the most.
Not even the ones who complain, they're showing emotions.. but those who do nothing.. oh dear they're the worst.

Today I really surprised a guest but it was an awfully lucky shot :) Minutes before he arrived there was a problem and bla bla bla hotel stuff I saw that there was only one guest who booked through a particular agency for today.
When he then arrived literally 5 minutes later and handed me his papers I greeted him with name and surname before even looking. He was there shocked for 10 minutes, it really was a laugh. He was a nice guy and kept wondering how I did it well... we're not called "Magic" Circus for nothing :) 

I also love excited kids and what I noticed to be REALLY common is.. as soon as I smile at them they dive behind the counter to not be seen haha but later again they show up and it's usually quite funny.
I had a little girl today about 7-8 from Netherlands and since I'm working quite hard to learn some dutch, I asked her for her name and bless her, she understood me and even asked back :) 

Lately I'm spending a lot of time with my colleagues, which I really like, I'm working with some great people. Especially one, she's super nice, at the beginning I didn't like her much but then I hated most people in the beginning. I mostly go out with her, a few days ago we went grocery shopping together to a very cheap place which is located in dumbfuckistan... right in the middle of fields and cows you have France's answer to Germany's ALDI: LeaderPrice. 
We went shopping in the afternoon and yesterday we went for Crêpes and then to a colleagues house... the last bit was a bit awkward because of reasons but anyway it was cool.
A few evenings ago we all went out to the "club" which is in the Disney Village, also known as Billy Bob's, it was a lot of fun there.. never thought i'd enjoy myself in a disco, being the person I am, but then.. it's the company who matters :) and it was really a great night !!
Also.. I'm finding myself wanting to buy clothes almost just to go out... usually when I went shopping with friends and they bought clothes to go dancing I couldn't care less. For me going out was, day clothes paired with darker make up and eating a pizza with friends... now it's a whole different stories.

I have many things planned lately so that I need to find time to be alone sometimes.. which is great. I love being busy, remember how sad hanging around alone everyday ? Well those days are over ;)

Anyway that's it for now, I will leave you with a rubbish song that we've been singing and dancing to for weeks now.. super catchy xD

Take Care

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Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Oh italian language how I love thee.

Hello My Lovelies,

this is going to be a bit of a strange post. I had this impression for years, especially while studying english, but now that I'm learning french I just realised it even more. 

Italian is the easiest of languages.

1. You pronounce every single letter ! Aereoplano ? you say every letter ! Not like french or english "Parlent" = parl - "Biscuit" = Biskit.

2. Masculine and Feminin words are easy to reconise. It ends with an 'A' - Feminin. Ends with  'O' or 'E' - Masculin.

and what I'm most annoyed about in the 3 languages I know, besides italian, is the unclearness when it comes to relationships.
Now being incredibly insecure, having:

In English,"I love you" meaning something like "i love you" AS FRIEND and also "i love you" AS GIRLFRIEND, just makes me go mental.

In German you have the same BS but with the word Boyfriend. When you say "Freund" it means both boyfriend and male friend. So most of the time to be clear you say this is "a friend" which can be a bit stupid to say. I don't know how to get this across but I hope you understood my point :)

In French and I only found this out a few days ago after it really happening and me still being confused. The word "Copine" can mean girlfriend or just friend. 
Now being someone who goes from stranger to boyfriend while skipping quite a few steps in between.. being asked to be someone's "Copine" can be incredibly worrying. 
Oh well.. I shall see what comes in that case.

Anyway back to languages, in Italian, you have everything very clearly.
Boyfriend = Fidanzato
Friend = Amico/amica
I love you = Ti amo
I love you (as friend) = Ti voglio bene

Well aside from this strange linguistic rant, a proper post will come these days. It's ready, it just needs a few touch ups and it goes up. 
Nothing really Disney related for the following days, as I didn't go to the park in a while, maybe in a few days a little "review" on Fantillusion.

Take Care

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Friday, 27 July 2012

Unplanned depressive like post.

Hello My Lovelies,

My mood is not at its best lately. Today I found this on facebook and it was quite on the spot. The post is in italian but I'll translate it to english. 

Tu sei il tipo di persona che alle feste se ne sta in disparte. Te ne stai seduta in un angolo e osservi, ti dispiaci per chi non si diverte e sorridi invece per chi urla e fa casino. Ti piace cogliere le sfumature delle vite degli altri, dimenticandoti delle tue. Adotti lo stesso comportamento quando devi relazionarti con qualcuno, entri nella vita delle persone in silenzio, non fai frastuono, non urli, non batti i piedi per terra, preferisci che siano gli altri a farlo, per questo poi quando te ne vai nessuno se ne accorge, mentre la loro assenza diventa quasi palpabile per te.

You're the kind of person that at parties stays on the side. Sitting in a corner and watching, you're sad about those who are not having fun and you smile for those who shout and are enjoying themselves. You like to catch the little details of other people's lives, forgetting your own. You often adapt your behaviour to those of others when you have to relate to them, you enter people's lives quietly, without noise, you don't shout, you don't stomp your feet on the ground, you prefer that others do that, that's why, when you leave, no one notices, whereas their absence is almost tangible for you.

A bit loosely translated, but as long as the message comes across that's what's important. As much as I changed in Switzerland, I can't deny myself.. that's who I am. I will never be loud, unless I feel 100% comfortable. 
Hope you're having a good day.
Love x

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Thursday, 12 July 2012

Sickness post + World of Disney Store.

Hello My Lovelies,

I had planned for my next blog post to be about the return of Fantillusion with pictures but sadly I didn't get to see it yet.
I saw it many times in the past years and after the Main Street Electrical Parade, Fantillusion is my favourite parade among them all. Mainly because it reminds me of my trips to DLP with my mam, when everything was fine and DLP still had that little bit more of magic to me than it has now.
I worked all week from 15/16 till 23/24 so I always missed it, but working the morning shift all week next week I will definitely head to the park.

Today's post comes from a rather sick Julie. The weather here has been utterly rubbish (guests blaming front office as usual for that ^_~) so temperature changes and wet feet as usual got me a lovely cold, with cough and loss of voice. It wasn't too bad on me at work, mainly thanks to Vicks Day Med and a german cough med but now I just need my 2 days off to rest and do nothing.
I'm writing in my bed, wrapped up in a fleece blanket and my duvet, socks and a hot water bottle under my feet, cuppa tea with honey next to me... got the image ? Oh yea add a granny bun and you can bet your salary that if I had some yarn and a few needles I'd be knitting.

Luckily (and sadly) I'm living alone now.. my room mate left yesterday. I really liked her so I hope I get someone as nice as her, maybe a bit younger so that whenever I say something age related I don't have to pull out a foot out of my mouth ! 
Luckily because I slept horribly last night so I've been awake since 5-ish and with a room mate I would have had to stay in bed and be quiet and what not.

Anyway to keep this blog post somewhat Disney related. 
The day after my last post I finally visited the World of Disney store :) and also bought something. Sadly nothing that I had in mind was in the shop but I'm pretty happy with my buy anyway.
The store is absolutely AMAZING ! It's huge, it's colourful but elegant and goodness me the paintings on top are just gorgeous. I made a short video of them while I was in there, it was pretty full otherwise I would have taken a few more photos and/or videos.

Anyway darlings my tea is waiting. Enjoy your day and if you're in Paris, today is the official opening of the World of Disney store, no clue what's going to be different to the other days but please visit and tell me what happened :)

Magical Greetings.

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Saturday, 7 July 2012

Taking a stroll down Main Street U.S.A.

Hello My Lovelies,

The man, the myth and his adorable wife Lilly.
every week I get 2 days off and unless I have something planned, one of the two days (at least) will be spent at the Disney Parks.
Today was one of my free days, I read on twitter that the Annual Passport holders got early access to the World of Disney Store (due to open July 12th) but as always I didn't get an invitation even though I have the Dream passport, anyway my plan was to go to the office inside the park to fix this because besides the discounts I never get anything and it's not fair, especially not now that I live nearby to actually attend events and such.

Once in the park there was an incredibly long line at the office and then rain.. lots of rain, it wasn't a nice moment but I eventually got in and got told that I crossed NO to e-mails and didn't leave an e-mail address which to me sounds like utter BS because my e-mail is the only thing that stayed the same for the past 1 1/2 years so, anyway I left my e-mail and let's hope it will bring me something.

Remember my "secrets" list ? Well I went on a hunt today to discover a few of them :)
Alright here we go :)

Fairies at "La confisserie des trois fées":  I thought that they appear and disappear, but I stood in the shop 10 minutes and they were always there

Phone in "Town Square Photography": I actually listened to it but I thought that when you make a sound they will stop talking, I actually spoke to the phone and nothing happened but it's fun to listen.

Dome in "Harringtons": I don't remember what was so special about it besides the fact that it looks stunning

The Moustache at "Dapper Dan's Haircuts": there is 2 mirrors.. for one I'm a little too short as you may see from the picture and I didn't take a photo of the other one yet as I was a bit too awkward to kneel down xD it's almost at knee height.

Now this, this isn't a secret AT ALL but shame on me I never noticed this, and it's there so many times actually at the entrance of the park you have this plate (?) quite often. It's a different version to the american one "Here you leave today and enter the world of yesterday, tomorrow and fantasy" 

 And to finish off this pretty nice day at the park, I bought myself a little present. I wanted to buy something to hold my make up brushes but the stores at the shopping centre didn't have anything appealing so today when I found this (originally planned as candle holder) I bought it, got discount on it and it's now happily holding my make up brushes in the bathroom.

I wish you, my readers, a magical day.
Heading off to work.


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Friday, 29 June 2012

Flash mobs and other great ideas.

Living in France and especially Paris means that you are almost 100% depending on the metro system which usually comes quite often OR, especially when you're in a rush, after an hour. Anyway, being a constant "rider" my trustworthy friend the iPhone, functioning as iPod, gives me a bunch of stupid ideas. While I'm listening to a really upbeat song and I happen to be standing almost at the edge of the curb with everyone behind me I always imagine myself as being the first to start a flash mob.. That I'm just waiting for the right moment to start my routine an everyone will follow ending in an amazing movie moment.

Actually I had a moment like this, the last evening I was in Switzerland, almost all of the school went out to the club, which on a Thursday evening was more than empty, all the club to ourselves. At one of the events most of us learnt a small routine to "Danza kuduro" and not everyone was dancing...about 3 people started and soon more as more joined it was so much fun to see the faces of the few people who weren't from our school who looked confused.

I don't remember if I actually ever wrote or spoke about this I only remember always wanting to talk about it when I first lived in Paris last year. I really liked the "dance of the sugarplum fairy" back then and you can't believe how much fun it is to listen to it while doing people watching!! Especially during rainy weather it looks as if people are dancing to it and jumping and doing silly walks it's just a lot of fun. I highly recommend trying it :) especially in autumn !

Most of the time I'm listening to comedians on the metro, long programmes which are funny to listen to and make me look like a nutter while I laugh alone. 
But in Paris...everyone's a bit mental.


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Sunday, 24 June 2012

Reception du Magic Circus, c'est Giulia bonjouuur !

Hello My Lovelies,

Alright here we go, first blog post on my new job !
I must admit that at first I felt majorly lost, everyone talking in French to me and thinking I was stupid since I understood quite well but never said more than "oui". But now 4 days later I'm getting the hang of it, the girl who is training me did her internship there too, she's quite cool and funny but sadly leaving in a few days but the crew at the reception is quite cool, I like the people I work with and French is getting easier everyday :) check-ins, arrivals, city taxes, group keys and phone calls are not a problem anymore. Although the biggest problem is always the phone, especially if the person is speaking French, in that case most of the time I call someone to take it for me cause people mumble and I'm having my troubles even with understanding properly spoken french haha. 

What I love the most is when I'm sitting at the concierge table (thing I shouldn't technically do) and people come to ask informations about he park, Paris an surrounding areas :) I like that cause I can help and I know insider things about Disneyland :) Yesterday evening a little boy came to me while I was at that table and gave me sweets :) adorable !! I really like the Italian guests, they trust me and prefer to talk to me over others who aren't trainees only cause I can talk properly to them :) there's one girl, I think she left now, who every time she came back in the evening shouted "bonsoooooooir giulia" super sweet :) but it's not all roses and flowers (Italian idiom translated to English) sometimes we do have rubbish and rude guests who blame you for things that are absolutely not in our control, but well if it was only nice people the day would be boring and as a matter of fact the days when we're the busiest with horrible guests are those that just fly by :) 

Now I have the weekend off and next week I'm working everyday from 3pm it's quite alright it's calmer than working in the morning although I don't like that I lose almost all of the day but that's my fault since I'm not a morning person otherwise I could do quite a few things before heading off to work.

Well here that was the first summary of the first days at work :) I hope this will be helpful for myself for when I have ti write my report about the internship for uni :)

Anyway goodbye my lovelies ! If you happen to be in Disneyland anytime soon don't forget to drop by and say hi :)


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Saturday, 16 June 2012


Super quick/nostalgic post :)
Video made at my school, it's absolutely adorable I love it soooo much !!
Thanks to Chris for making this.


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Friday, 15 June 2012

Graduating: Take 1 !

Hello My Lovelies,

Here I am, writing from my little shared flat in Paris.
Me and Nefeli, volunteering. 
But more about that in another post :)

So 2 days ago I graduated from first year !!!
Can I give you a programme Sir/Madam ?
It was such an amazing experience, so me and Nefeli volunteered to help out during the preparation, tbh they could have done it without us but whatever it felt nice and I was there 2-3 hours before the actual thing started.
We placed brochures on tables and I had the oh so important job of closing the door after all the lecturers did their entrance.

Later on we took some photos outside, I took photos with people I almost never talk to, but in the end (literally) we all love each other hehe.

The entrance was so major awkward and depressing, a very slow asian-y song started playing that just makes you want to cry, I will try to find it and post it. 
After all the lecturers entered, I had to close the friggin door and walk to my place, this was major awkward because "Why the hell is a student walking in, to the music, behind all the lecturers ?" hahaha ah well I had my moment. 
None of them are my classmates.
Then everything was pretty quick, since I was first year and we were only 5 in our class to have passed the year we went on stage got our piece of paper and went back to enjoy the show. Everyone got their pieces of paper (I don't call them diplomas cause one of the years is called Diploma) the BA students got their special red and blue throws on and then came the "Award ceremony" there are a few special awards in our school, Best student in each year, most committed to help students, best in 4 semesters, highest amount of Personal Attitude marks and best newcomer.
Poledancer with a Certificate ;)

While best newcomer was being described I told my friend next to me that no one of our class suits that and I was really wondering who might get it.. seconds later... my name ! I felt like crying. I almost did, I swear I never have been this happy. 
It's an award for the most committed to the principles of hospitality and tourism and the most promising in this industry :) I'm so super happy !!

They're so sweet even though I hardly know them :)
Anyway afterwards more photos outside, I really wish my parents came, because next year i'm sure not to get an award haha.
Then we moved to the "after party" in a little place with a stage, some random guy then came up to me to ask if I wanted to help give out the medals for sports day, and when I say I do all sorts of sh** at this school, I really mean it. I didn't even wake up for sports day but sure, shake hands with the winners and give out the medals and trophies ;) 

In the night we all went out for a last club night together, the club literally ONLY had people from my school :) It was a lot of fun, I turn really stupid when tipsy, I hugged everyone like I actually cared haha but it was nice to say goodbye. Sadly I didn't get to say goodbye to some people I would have really liked to greet, but well.. sh** happens. 
I already miss the school and the people. I really hope to stay in touch with some of my closest friends there :) Aside from Franzi and Nefeli, because I'm sure we will stay friends :D

Anyway now I'm here to start a new adventure. Internship months in Paris, France.


PS: credit for the photos goes to Chris.
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Thursday, 24 May 2012

Disneyland Paris Checklist of Secrets.

Hello My Lovelies,

approaching the Disney experience from a different point of view soon I made a checklist for myself of things I want to do and see.

~Photo Checklist:
-Mary Poppins !!!!
-Princess Tiana
-Princess Rapunzel
-Peter Pan
-any other figure I can find but those are the most important to me.

~Park "Secrets"
-Phone in the "Market House Deli"
-Moustache at Dapper Dans
-Fairies in "La confiserie des trois fées"
-Phone in Town Square Photography
-Phone in Dapper Dans
-Toad Hall moving pictures
-Dome in Harrington's
-Huge Egg in Adventureland

~Never done attractions
-Playhouse Disney Live
-Meet Mickey
-Take the art class at Art of Disney Animation.
-Orbitron ?
-Robinson Family Tree (haven't been there almost 15yrs)
-Cars ride in Disney Studios.

Also last time I was there I had a little project in mind, very little and it will be mainly on my flickr hopefully also on youtube but mainly flickr :) We shall see !!

Have a magical day.


Ps. credit for the photo goes to:
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Sunday, 13 May 2012

LUSH reviews of a normal human being part 3.

Hello My Lovelies,

so here we are again with the 3rd LUSH product review blog. I know it's not your favourite kind but it's what I write when I have nothing interesting to talk about, and I think it's quite helpful for those who want to try Lush the first time.

Catastrophe Cosmetics Face Mask: 
I bought this mask during a period of pimple blooming like no other haha this was supposed to calm the skin and make it more radiant and reduce pimple size etc. 
This mask has a lovely lovely lovely blueberry smell, it's like you're putting berry yogurt on your face. Regarding the result.. meh.. it didn't do any "wonders" for my skin so.. I wouldn't get it again.

Imperialis Face Cream:
There's quite a love/hate relationship with this cream. I think it's absolutely perfect for winter, it's quite rich and a little goes a very long way !
The lenght of "life" of this product isn't too long so the little 45gr jar is quite a bit too much for like a month of life. I'm keeping it in the fridge 24/7 so it's quite a bit better but all in all it's a bit too much product.
Lately I've been mixing it with foundation to create a sort of tinted moisturizer, coverage is not the best but I quite like the result.
The purpose of the cream is to mainly calm the skin, it's made with lavender (like Fresh Pharmacy) so it's quite matching. At first I didn't like it but now I love it to bits !! Definitely worth a buy. Although it might be too rich for oily skins and during summer.

Ocean Salt Scrub:
Ingrid (missglamorazzi) has been raving about this on youtube all the friggin time so I decided to finally give in and buy this body/face scrub.
It's main purpose is to be a FACE scrub, but being made with big salt chunks I think it's a bit too aggressive therefore I've been using it on my elbows and knees, it does leave the skin soft but very red afterwards, I rubbed very gently but I always got this result so, for me it's a no. My friend Franziska also bought this and she's not too impressed either. So if you got sensitive skin DON'T buy this.

It Started With A Kiss Lip Tint:
I absolutely love love love this !!! Lately I've been obsessed with orange/corally lip colours (Mac's Vegas Volt <3) so I had to get this one. To be honest when you open it it looks like a water colour, if you actually figure out how to open it. It took 3 bartenders at starbucks and later on actually the Lush shop assistant to open it. In the end it's quite easy just twist but it's closed VERY tightly at first. The colour is very lovely on the lips and OMG the smell !!!! I have no idea how to explain it but I love it so friggin much !!! 
In the picture it looks more pinkish but it's definitely a red leaning towards orange. Definitely gonna buy this again in like 10 years when it's finished ;)

Jasmine & Henna Fluff Eaze Hair Mask:
Lush hair masks are always supposed to put into DRY hair which was always kind of off-putting, so this time I decided to put it into damp/wet hair and the results are waaaay better !! First of all you use like 5% of the product instead of the usual 30% for one mask ! Then since this one leaves the hair rather greasy because of the "anti-flyaway" purpose, I would never use it on dry hair. One suggestion, if you use this before straightening your hair it's gonna be horrible, your hair will look greasy and heavy, whereas if you have natural curls and let your hair air dry then the locks will be perfect. I've been doing this for the past weeks on both straight and curls and the curls are just amazing, soft and bouncy. The smell is a bit strong, it smells quite a lot like baby wipes and it stays for 2 days, but it's not very bad. Not sure if I'll buy this again, maybe for the summer time.

Love Lettuce Face Mask:
Ladies and Gentleman !
I found my favourite Lush product !!!!!!!!!!!!
This mask is THE BOMB !!! 
It's absolutely amazing, it doesn't promise any miracles just to brighten up your face and hell yeah it really does it's job.
I might be biased since my favourite colour is green and this mask happens to be an amazing green, but the smell of lavender is perfect for my face routine since it matches both my cleanser AND my moisturizer. The texture of the mask is a very light scrub, you put it on an you can feel the granules, when you wash it off you rub your skin and you will shine as bright as the sun. It's really amazing ! I love it to bits, nuff said !!

This is it :) Next time I go to Lush (probably tomorrow) I get a 25CHF gift card :) it's a bit of a p-take but whatever free lush money is free lush money :)
I only plan on buying one thing tomorrow since I stocked up on pretty much everything. I want to buy the Ro's Argan. The shopgirl did my hand with that stuff once and I couldn't stop sniffing my hand all day, I looked like a weirdo on the bus home haha.
We'll see.


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