Thursday, 9 August 2012

Be the guest you want to be remembered for and other ramblings.

Hello My Lovelies,

another day another bunch of moron guests.
Don't get me wrong, not everyone's bad but more often than not you get guests where the check-in lasts literally 10 minutes (when everything goes well) just because you want to get rid of them ASAP.
Guests who don't smile, who don't say hello, who just hand you their reservation and when you explain things or ask question don't even listen or not or give any sign of life.
Those are the guests I dislike the most.
Not even the ones who complain, they're showing emotions.. but those who do nothing.. oh dear they're the worst.

Today I really surprised a guest but it was an awfully lucky shot :) Minutes before he arrived there was a problem and bla bla bla hotel stuff I saw that there was only one guest who booked through a particular agency for today.
When he then arrived literally 5 minutes later and handed me his papers I greeted him with name and surname before even looking. He was there shocked for 10 minutes, it really was a laugh. He was a nice guy and kept wondering how I did it well... we're not called "Magic" Circus for nothing :) 

I also love excited kids and what I noticed to be REALLY common is.. as soon as I smile at them they dive behind the counter to not be seen haha but later again they show up and it's usually quite funny.
I had a little girl today about 7-8 from Netherlands and since I'm working quite hard to learn some dutch, I asked her for her name and bless her, she understood me and even asked back :) 

Lately I'm spending a lot of time with my colleagues, which I really like, I'm working with some great people. Especially one, she's super nice, at the beginning I didn't like her much but then I hated most people in the beginning. I mostly go out with her, a few days ago we went grocery shopping together to a very cheap place which is located in dumbfuckistan... right in the middle of fields and cows you have France's answer to Germany's ALDI: LeaderPrice. 
We went shopping in the afternoon and yesterday we went for Crêpes and then to a colleagues house... the last bit was a bit awkward because of reasons but anyway it was cool.
A few evenings ago we all went out to the "club" which is in the Disney Village, also known as Billy Bob's, it was a lot of fun there.. never thought i'd enjoy myself in a disco, being the person I am, but then.. it's the company who matters :) and it was really a great night !!
Also.. I'm finding myself wanting to buy clothes almost just to go out... usually when I went shopping with friends and they bought clothes to go dancing I couldn't care less. For me going out was, day clothes paired with darker make up and eating a pizza with friends... now it's a whole different stories.

I have many things planned lately so that I need to find time to be alone sometimes.. which is great. I love being busy, remember how sad hanging around alone everyday ? Well those days are over ;)

Anyway that's it for now, I will leave you with a rubbish song that we've been singing and dancing to for weeks now.. super catchy xD

Take Care


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