Friday, 27 July 2012

Unplanned depressive like post.

Hello My Lovelies,

My mood is not at its best lately. Today I found this on facebook and it was quite on the spot. The post is in italian but I'll translate it to english. 

Tu sei il tipo di persona che alle feste se ne sta in disparte. Te ne stai seduta in un angolo e osservi, ti dispiaci per chi non si diverte e sorridi invece per chi urla e fa casino. Ti piace cogliere le sfumature delle vite degli altri, dimenticandoti delle tue. Adotti lo stesso comportamento quando devi relazionarti con qualcuno, entri nella vita delle persone in silenzio, non fai frastuono, non urli, non batti i piedi per terra, preferisci che siano gli altri a farlo, per questo poi quando te ne vai nessuno se ne accorge, mentre la loro assenza diventa quasi palpabile per te.

You're the kind of person that at parties stays on the side. Sitting in a corner and watching, you're sad about those who are not having fun and you smile for those who shout and are enjoying themselves. You like to catch the little details of other people's lives, forgetting your own. You often adapt your behaviour to those of others when you have to relate to them, you enter people's lives quietly, without noise, you don't shout, you don't stomp your feet on the ground, you prefer that others do that, that's why, when you leave, no one notices, whereas their absence is almost tangible for you.

A bit loosely translated, but as long as the message comes across that's what's important. As much as I changed in Switzerland, I can't deny myself.. that's who I am. I will never be loud, unless I feel 100% comfortable. 
Hope you're having a good day.
Love x

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Thursday, 12 July 2012

Sickness post + World of Disney Store.

Hello My Lovelies,

I had planned for my next blog post to be about the return of Fantillusion with pictures but sadly I didn't get to see it yet.
I saw it many times in the past years and after the Main Street Electrical Parade, Fantillusion is my favourite parade among them all. Mainly because it reminds me of my trips to DLP with my mam, when everything was fine and DLP still had that little bit more of magic to me than it has now.
I worked all week from 15/16 till 23/24 so I always missed it, but working the morning shift all week next week I will definitely head to the park.

Today's post comes from a rather sick Julie. The weather here has been utterly rubbish (guests blaming front office as usual for that ^_~) so temperature changes and wet feet as usual got me a lovely cold, with cough and loss of voice. It wasn't too bad on me at work, mainly thanks to Vicks Day Med and a german cough med but now I just need my 2 days off to rest and do nothing.
I'm writing in my bed, wrapped up in a fleece blanket and my duvet, socks and a hot water bottle under my feet, cuppa tea with honey next to me... got the image ? Oh yea add a granny bun and you can bet your salary that if I had some yarn and a few needles I'd be knitting.

Luckily (and sadly) I'm living alone now.. my room mate left yesterday. I really liked her so I hope I get someone as nice as her, maybe a bit younger so that whenever I say something age related I don't have to pull out a foot out of my mouth ! 
Luckily because I slept horribly last night so I've been awake since 5-ish and with a room mate I would have had to stay in bed and be quiet and what not.

Anyway to keep this blog post somewhat Disney related. 
The day after my last post I finally visited the World of Disney store :) and also bought something. Sadly nothing that I had in mind was in the shop but I'm pretty happy with my buy anyway.
The store is absolutely AMAZING ! It's huge, it's colourful but elegant and goodness me the paintings on top are just gorgeous. I made a short video of them while I was in there, it was pretty full otherwise I would have taken a few more photos and/or videos.

Anyway darlings my tea is waiting. Enjoy your day and if you're in Paris, today is the official opening of the World of Disney store, no clue what's going to be different to the other days but please visit and tell me what happened :)

Magical Greetings.

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Saturday, 7 July 2012

Taking a stroll down Main Street U.S.A.

Hello My Lovelies,

The man, the myth and his adorable wife Lilly.
every week I get 2 days off and unless I have something planned, one of the two days (at least) will be spent at the Disney Parks.
Today was one of my free days, I read on twitter that the Annual Passport holders got early access to the World of Disney Store (due to open July 12th) but as always I didn't get an invitation even though I have the Dream passport, anyway my plan was to go to the office inside the park to fix this because besides the discounts I never get anything and it's not fair, especially not now that I live nearby to actually attend events and such.

Once in the park there was an incredibly long line at the office and then rain.. lots of rain, it wasn't a nice moment but I eventually got in and got told that I crossed NO to e-mails and didn't leave an e-mail address which to me sounds like utter BS because my e-mail is the only thing that stayed the same for the past 1 1/2 years so, anyway I left my e-mail and let's hope it will bring me something.

Remember my "secrets" list ? Well I went on a hunt today to discover a few of them :)
Alright here we go :)

Fairies at "La confisserie des trois fées":  I thought that they appear and disappear, but I stood in the shop 10 minutes and they were always there

Phone in "Town Square Photography": I actually listened to it but I thought that when you make a sound they will stop talking, I actually spoke to the phone and nothing happened but it's fun to listen.

Dome in "Harringtons": I don't remember what was so special about it besides the fact that it looks stunning

The Moustache at "Dapper Dan's Haircuts": there is 2 mirrors.. for one I'm a little too short as you may see from the picture and I didn't take a photo of the other one yet as I was a bit too awkward to kneel down xD it's almost at knee height.

Now this, this isn't a secret AT ALL but shame on me I never noticed this, and it's there so many times actually at the entrance of the park you have this plate (?) quite often. It's a different version to the american one "Here you leave today and enter the world of yesterday, tomorrow and fantasy" 

 And to finish off this pretty nice day at the park, I bought myself a little present. I wanted to buy something to hold my make up brushes but the stores at the shopping centre didn't have anything appealing so today when I found this (originally planned as candle holder) I bought it, got discount on it and it's now happily holding my make up brushes in the bathroom.

I wish you, my readers, a magical day.
Heading off to work.


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