Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Dress Emergency !

Hello back my lovely readers !
The countdown is going down rather quickly now it's only 

-11 days !

Yesterday was me first night at the grandparent's house and I felt soooo welcome and home there it was amazing, I haven't felt that way in 6 months hahaha, I watched tv with them and read (and commented) the newspaper with the grandpa who's actually rather nice :D
Today then finally me certificate from a test, I did more than a month ago, arrived and I got a rather good result, I thought I screwed up big time because you could easily tell what you did wrong by a line on the side but yahhh am happy now.

Friday is the blooming wedding and you know what, I found a perfect dress, matching me oh so comfy shoes, but you know what (too) when I went to get the dress yesterday I run panicking around the store to notice that fuckety fuck it was gone !!!!! I asked shopgirls and none of them could help me well they helped me a lot I had 3 of them running round searching for it (after I explained the emergency situation) and nope.. but the good thing is... I found 3 dressed (1 of which for the wedding) that all together costed as much as that one dress I actually wanted ! Score !!
Funny thing was that I never try on stuff I go by eye judgement and am usually right, but this time I just had to try them on and now a little piece of advice... ALWAYS and I repeat ALWAYS check if there's a zipper on the thing you're trying on !
I went into that changing room and the "wedding dress" was a size 12 so usually plenty of dress for me, and yea I couldn't get it on so I started to rant first quietly and then when I couldn't get in I shouted "Fuck's sake now even a size 12 doesn't fit anymore ?!?!?!?" thank god one of the helpers came immediately and yeppp the dress fits like a charm xD One of the other dresses is a size 10 so yea not getting into a 12 was depressing xD

So that's more or less it for now, tonight a big party here tho me host disguises it as a "small get together" yea that's why you rented about 50 wine glasses and bought a year supply of crisps and beer ? Oh well, hope I can sneak out ASAP :)

And now off to town to send away one of me suitcases, yea the final packing will be a lot of fun.. NOT ! When did I buy so much crap ??

Julie x
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Friday, 24 June 2011

Ireland has NO seasons !

Sooo, my countdown till I'm finally home is getting shorter and shorter

-16 days !
and the more I read about what my friends are doing, the more I'm getting extremely depressed...! At home there's sun, there's the beach and blue skies !!! What I have here is constant rain, grey skies and blooming fields with cows, sheep and horses. 
For a while it was nice but now it's starting to get silly... school is almost over for the kids and they're so happy, of course cause school is over, but I really don't get that feeling here... for me it feels like school is over because the Christmas Holidays are here ! That's the weather we get in italy during that period... it's blooming June and it's pouring !!!
Anyway, today is friday which means that I survived another week... I survived 24 weeks xD 2 more to go :D well actually it's just 10 more days... working days ! that's nothing !!! 

yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay !!!

That's it for now :D 

Julie x
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Sunday, 19 June 2011

Retail therapy and some small News.

Hellow everyone,
today was my day off and of course my "boss" forgot my money so everything I bought today was from my card, in other words the money I get tomorrow goes onto my bank account -___-° But I am really satisfied with what I got !
The cutest (and most comfortable) shoes ever !! They're one size bigger than my usual shoes but they fit like a charm !!

Then I got this absolutely fantastic bakery book ! From the famous (I believe) Hummingbird Bakery, and the amazing thing is that right at the beginning it explains all the kinds of frosting and who tried my cupcakes knows that my frosting isn't the best xD

And this is the cutest thing ever, I didn't treat Ava too well the week before the last, in the means that I didn't play much with her and didn't quite talk to her, I was still cross with her about a thing that happened and last saturday morning I found this, she's the cutest girl ever !!
Btw that's Irish spelling for Ava = E'abha

And now to the news, this morning a woman from Paris contacted me and asked me if I was interested in working as au-pair for her, she has two girls 10-12 and lives with her husband close to an amazing park ! We mailed a few times and what is amazing is that, I told her that I'm a vegetarian that eats fish (pescatarian I know) and she answered that she does exactly the same ! How amazing is this ??? Anyway we set up a skype meeting during which I would have had to talk to her husband in italian since I have to "teach" the girls italian, and well now to the rather embarrassing part !
While the call was starting I didn't answer immediately as I had the tv on and hurried Denise (my host-aunt's au-pair) to turn it off and when I answered the call I was still talking to denise anyway the call started and suddenly I appeared xD I had the video turned on and the dad was like "Oh there you are !" I looked horrible I was under the rain, make-up looking like I cried for ages, frizzy hair.. such a beauty really ! And then he turned on the video as well and I must say that he looks a LOT like my dad, not much the accent since he's from Rome and my dad from Naples(-ish) but they look alike and he's rather nice, after I saw the two girls and they look so sweet, one of them is called Ava as well :) and the other one Elisabetta I believe, and they told me their birthdays and I had to tell them mine ! Was a nice chat, then I met the mum who's american.. lovely people really was a nice chat, and tomorrow I'm having a chat again with the mum ! Can't wait !! Let's just hope the salary isn't ridiculous and I finally have a job !!

It's been a rather good day today, after we came back from town Denise stayed over for quite a while we were just messing around I ate a year amount of food cause the family was gone... you never know ;) and she wanted to try to play my ukulele so we tried loads of songs and ended with learning "Smoke On The Water" and we watched "School Of Rock" and yah... that's it :)

Pretty happy ! Tomorrow we might do a trip to a town nearby, looking forward to that as Castlebar kinda lost its charme.

Julie x
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Friday, 17 June 2011

The waiting game.

Sometimes I wonder if I'm too picky...
(Messages received during the last 30 days: 26)

Keep waiting with me.

Julie x
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Thursday, 16 June 2011

Post nr. 1 actually cheating cause I ain't in Paris yet.

So here comes my very first post on this blog.
I wanted to start it when my so called “adventure” actually started, but actually it’s nicer to share with you (whoever you are) the whole thing... and all that jazz.
So I’ve been trying since february to find a host-family in Paris who has just girls at the age I wanted... yea a bit picky I know but I had loads of time so why not wait for the perfect family ?
Anyway this has revealed to be way more difficult than I thought, like the last year, I found many families, wrote many mails, got loads of nothing back, and that’s what majorly upsets me... the fact that they leave you there, suspended, no clue what’s coming next. I’d highly appreciate a ‘No thanks you’re not good enough for our family!’ at least I’d know ! But yea they rather leave you there in doubt.

Then I believed I found the perfect family, italian, parents with awesome jobs, good salary, own flat... what could be better ? The mom was kinda unreliable from the beginning (yea I’m lucky ain’t I ?), she wanted to call me so I spent 4 days staring intensely at my phone waiting for THE call... but nothing came. She then called me maybe at the worst moment ever, I was inside McDonalds (weirdly enough, not eating) and it was friggin loud so I had to go outside where there was a nice and warm, hailstorm ! I understood about 20% of what she said, she asked to meet me first before she hired me which I believed (and still believe) is a quite stupid idea, considering I fly back home on the 10th of July and on the 28th of August I would start in Paris. Anyway we agreed on NOT meeting and she would send me pics and we would check the flights together, at least that was what I thought.

About 4-5 days later still nothing so I decided to send her a few pics of me with my present family and kids and ask her a few questions... the answer came 3 minutes later (get the reference ? btw it was actually half an hour later). She answered my questions which was good and asked me AGAIN if we could meet... and at that point I started to really doubt her intelligence. I told her, calmly, again, that I can’t afford it and in the end that she should decide on whether I should come or not, cause it’s stressing me that I don’t know what’s the story here...
So... no reply yet, it’s been 5 days and I believe they dropped me so, back to looking for families.

That’s everything for now... more when I found a family or when I finally decided to flee from this place.

Julie x
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