Sunday, 19 June 2011

Retail therapy and some small News.

Hellow everyone,
today was my day off and of course my "boss" forgot my money so everything I bought today was from my card, in other words the money I get tomorrow goes onto my bank account -___-° But I am really satisfied with what I got !
The cutest (and most comfortable) shoes ever !! They're one size bigger than my usual shoes but they fit like a charm !!

Then I got this absolutely fantastic bakery book ! From the famous (I believe) Hummingbird Bakery, and the amazing thing is that right at the beginning it explains all the kinds of frosting and who tried my cupcakes knows that my frosting isn't the best xD

And this is the cutest thing ever, I didn't treat Ava too well the week before the last, in the means that I didn't play much with her and didn't quite talk to her, I was still cross with her about a thing that happened and last saturday morning I found this, she's the cutest girl ever !!
Btw that's Irish spelling for Ava = E'abha

And now to the news, this morning a woman from Paris contacted me and asked me if I was interested in working as au-pair for her, she has two girls 10-12 and lives with her husband close to an amazing park ! We mailed a few times and what is amazing is that, I told her that I'm a vegetarian that eats fish (pescatarian I know) and she answered that she does exactly the same ! How amazing is this ??? Anyway we set up a skype meeting during which I would have had to talk to her husband in italian since I have to "teach" the girls italian, and well now to the rather embarrassing part !
While the call was starting I didn't answer immediately as I had the tv on and hurried Denise (my host-aunt's au-pair) to turn it off and when I answered the call I was still talking to denise anyway the call started and suddenly I appeared xD I had the video turned on and the dad was like "Oh there you are !" I looked horrible I was under the rain, make-up looking like I cried for ages, frizzy hair.. such a beauty really ! And then he turned on the video as well and I must say that he looks a LOT like my dad, not much the accent since he's from Rome and my dad from Naples(-ish) but they look alike and he's rather nice, after I saw the two girls and they look so sweet, one of them is called Ava as well :) and the other one Elisabetta I believe, and they told me their birthdays and I had to tell them mine ! Was a nice chat, then I met the mum who's american.. lovely people really was a nice chat, and tomorrow I'm having a chat again with the mum ! Can't wait !! Let's just hope the salary isn't ridiculous and I finally have a job !!

It's been a rather good day today, after we came back from town Denise stayed over for quite a while we were just messing around I ate a year amount of food cause the family was gone... you never know ;) and she wanted to try to play my ukulele so we tried loads of songs and ended with learning "Smoke On The Water" and we watched "School Of Rock" and yah... that's it :)

Pretty happy ! Tomorrow we might do a trip to a town nearby, looking forward to that as Castlebar kinda lost its charme.

Julie x


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