Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Dress Emergency !

Hello back my lovely readers !
The countdown is going down rather quickly now it's only 

-11 days !

Yesterday was me first night at the grandparent's house and I felt soooo welcome and home there it was amazing, I haven't felt that way in 6 months hahaha, I watched tv with them and read (and commented) the newspaper with the grandpa who's actually rather nice :D
Today then finally me certificate from a test, I did more than a month ago, arrived and I got a rather good result, I thought I screwed up big time because you could easily tell what you did wrong by a line on the side but yahhh am happy now.

Friday is the blooming wedding and you know what, I found a perfect dress, matching me oh so comfy shoes, but you know what (too) when I went to get the dress yesterday I run panicking around the store to notice that fuckety fuck it was gone !!!!! I asked shopgirls and none of them could help me well they helped me a lot I had 3 of them running round searching for it (after I explained the emergency situation) and nope.. but the good thing is... I found 3 dressed (1 of which for the wedding) that all together costed as much as that one dress I actually wanted ! Score !!
Funny thing was that I never try on stuff I go by eye judgement and am usually right, but this time I just had to try them on and now a little piece of advice... ALWAYS and I repeat ALWAYS check if there's a zipper on the thing you're trying on !
I went into that changing room and the "wedding dress" was a size 12 so usually plenty of dress for me, and yea I couldn't get it on so I started to rant first quietly and then when I couldn't get in I shouted "Fuck's sake now even a size 12 doesn't fit anymore ?!?!?!?" thank god one of the helpers came immediately and yeppp the dress fits like a charm xD One of the other dresses is a size 10 so yea not getting into a 12 was depressing xD

So that's more or less it for now, tonight a big party here tho me host disguises it as a "small get together" yea that's why you rented about 50 wine glasses and bought a year supply of crisps and beer ? Oh well, hope I can sneak out ASAP :)

And now off to town to send away one of me suitcases, yea the final packing will be a lot of fun.. NOT ! When did I buy so much crap ??

Julie x


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