Monday, 4 July 2011

5 days left + bad news

Hello lovelies,
days are going by and now it's only 5 days left, it seems like yesterday when my countdown was 90 days or something around that... can't quite believe it's over, am insanely happy but at the same time a bit sad, there's so many things I'm gonna miss but then... let's hope for a better future in Paris.
Regarding Paris... remember the nice family I found well... they're not replying and looking for au-pair jobs made me extremely pessimistic so no (immediate) reply always equals refusal to me. So yea back to the start.
The wedding went alright, had it's moments.
I made a vlog about it, where you can see my dress and where I talk about the whole thing :D

And that's basically it for now, no major news :)
See ye soon.

Julie x


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