Saturday, 9 March 2013

Farewell, Uncle Trevor.

Hello My Lovelies,

this is a very difficult post to write. I still can't quite believe it... last night I lost my adorable uncle Trevor. 
Not being home makes it so much harder, I only heard from my mam how he pretty much got worse and worse by the day and how he was weaker and everything was not going well at home anymore.
I met this uncle quite late, to be honest, but it was an immediate bound between me and him. He was such a joyful and happy person, spoke italian with his strong english accent and when he spoke english it was just a lot of fun. 
5o'clock every afternoon he had to have his "cuppa tea" even in summer with 40° in the shade.. "It refreshes more than water, trust me." he used to say every single time.
How he dropped by to talk about his and my cats and have a glass of wine, how he used to love the german food we cooked, how he used to be so happy about the same presents every year.. classical music, a cat calendar, tea, mince meat (for mince pies) and a christmas pudding. 
I knew my passion for the english language came from somewhere, knowing that someone from England was a little part of my family, got me more than excited. That little part is gone now. I wish I could have said goodbye one last time.

Goodbye Uncle Trevor, you are and always will be loved. You won't be alone up there, have a cuppa tea with the family and give Lillo and Paula a cuddle from me. 


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