Sunday, 3 March 2013

Disney Childhood Memories

Hello My Lovelies,

today on a completely different note than usually I'm gonna talk a bit about my childhood and it's relation to Disney. 
Mainly through cartoons... Classic Cartoons and "Silly Symphonies" oh those lovely short films that were all time present after school time.
On german telly there used to be a show about Disneyland Paris which unfortunately my mother and me can't remember the name of.. so silly since we watched it every single day, but anyway, after this show the famous Disney Classic Cartoons were on, always like 2-4 back to back, which I loved. 
My mother had the great idea to record them on VHS so that I could re-watch them.. over and over and over :) we had so many VHS in the end.. I remember #24 being my favourite. So here is what was on #24... or what I recall being on it :)

"Ferdinand The Bull" (1938)
an adorable story about a bull, forced to be on the spanish Corrida but who preferred by far to just 'stop and smell the flowers'

Donald Duck in "Early To Bed"
Needless to say that Donald Duck was my favourite character and this short cartoon (which seemed sooooo long when I was 5) still cracks me up now, 17 years later. Poor Donald can't find peace.
btw if you can't understand one word.. it's cause the cartoon's in french (damn you youtube)

 "The Little House" (1952)
Cartoon about a little house living in the country which first misstreated by a vandalising family ends up surrounded by big mean skyscrapers and finally gets to find peace with a loving family surrounded by fields, just like in the beginning.

Donald Duck in "How to have an accident at work"
First of all, enjoy the lovely jingle at the beginning, just brilliant :)
Still hilarious and from what I've heard, quite a few companies use this to actually promote safety at work.

"The Cookie Carnival"(1935)
My love of baked goods must have come from this cartoon. A little gingerbread man helps a young cookie lady become really pretty and eventually even take part at the Cookie Carnival.

Now this was just a little digest of my favourites, but I highly recommend all of the classic cartoons and silly symphonies, they are just amazing and they will stay amazing forever, I'm 100% positive that my children will grow up watching those. 
You can see the heart and passion put into those. Just sit back and enjoy.

Love and Hugs


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