Saturday, 25 February 2012

The most exciting school tour of my life.

Q:Where would you take your students if you were a teacher at a Hotel Managaement school ?
A: An industrial laundry & a company that produces chemicals and cleaning supplies !!!

So yesterday we went to those 2 awesome places xD Well... it was interesting to see but none of us remembers anything BUT the prices of the hangers xD A metal hanger was 75CHF and one of the plastic ones that folds up 110CHF xD Everything else, flew right through our brains. 
Some photos (kindly taken by Chris, so credit goes to him)
if those aren't interested faces then I really don't know what are xD
Yeh.. that's the deal.
Thank you Chris, we can now all see how excited I was xD I wonder what the guy behind me was smiling about xD
All happy to leave :D we don't look like 20+ to me we look like a bunch of 9-10yr olds.

When we came back I had 2 lunches yup 2 ! Living and hanging out with guys who always get second and third servings, is making me incredibly hungry xD So first I ate in the MDH and then in the restaurant downstairs for a b-day of one of my classmates, was alright :D In the afternoon we went to the second place (i.e. the company for cleaning materials).
It was pretty fun there, we got to try out some machinery xD hoovers and stuff and a polishing machine haha that was fun, first 2 guys, one of which couldn't hold the machine at all and then... *dramatic music* me.. of course ! Now I always get to hear "C'mon president ! Show us what you got!" haha anyway it was very very fun xD and I could actually hold it quite steady.
Outside we tried a strange machine (photo below) on which you had to sit... and of course I had to try it again and FFS I could not drive that thing AT ALL !! So I stopped after like 2mt. 
Classmates :)

That was the amazing day yesterday.. had a nice convo with Mr. X, actually a pretty long convo, it was so nice to talk to him again and not only see his coldness when he says 'hi' :) so so so happy we talked :)
Anyway that's it, here some more pics of yesterday... Chris takes some random pictures it's amazing hahaha.
Fakest smile everrrr :D 

Horrible horrible hair !!! In the background we had a toy store, it was so silly hahaha

Love this pic A LOT !!! :D the lightning is really nice and it's so strange that it kinda looks like sunset even tho it was like 11am.

That's it for today.
Good Night
Julie x

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Thursday, 23 February 2012

"Did you do this before ?"

Well well well... we got the proof that I wasn't seeing ghosts, the people I used to work with ARE in fact stupid/lazy. 

Yesterday the teacher, bless her fantastic idea, decided to change the groups so I was still with "snob 1", which I decided not to call that anymore cause I quite like her, she's actually pretty sweet, and 2 of my "best" friends here.. I love those guys.
Anyway I never had such a lighthearted, funny and amazingly well going service :) We had so much fun and we messed around with serving techniques and it was just great !!! Everyone gave us positive feedback, whereas from the MDH we got complaints cause the other groups now made up of "Snob 2" (also kinda changed my opinion of her), meh, Lenny Kravitz of Arabia and "bangladesh" was an absolute fail. 

Today then we (the dream team) had to work in the MDH and well I wasn't toooo happy about this, this time, but I had to serve teachers again all alone.. tbh I wouldn't have minded washing the dishes cause I knew I could rely on the people that would have taken my places. Anyway it went very very well again, I was completely relaxed and besides Miss D. we had another "duty manager" and he was impressed to... he made so many compliments, to the group in general but it was just amazing !!! But of course 1 bad thing stays longer in your head than 20 good ones.. and as a matter of fact the only bad comment we got, albeit being rather idiotic, got stuck in my mind for the whole day.

Anyway I really hope the groups stay like this, if they do... this semester will FLYYYYYYY :) Although i doubt so :(

Anyway that's it for today.

Talk to you soon.
Julie x

PS: Here's a photo of tuesday night's carnival :)

The green guy next to me and everyone to my left is the people I usually hang out with :D
 Love them to bits !!
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Wednesday, 22 February 2012

LUSH reviews of a normal human being.

I'm neither a beauty guru nor make up artist nor any of that sorts... just a normal human being writing an own opinion on stuff.

So, living in the land of nowhere here, I found the famous "Lush" store. Always heard about it, visited it twice before but never bought cause of the exaggerated prices; anyway I decided to try out a bunch of things. 
Not sure if the shop girls are advised to talk at the speed of light and try to sell you as much as possible or if they're all high on the smell inside the store.
Anyway the products I tried are:

Helping Hands Cream: 
I got this because due to all the dish washing and hand washing of clothes AND the icy cold outside my hands had tons of little cracks and looked just 50 years older than the rest of me. Already after using it twice, many of the little cuts started healing and my hands looked way smoother than before. The smell is very "natural" but I wouldn't say it's bad, it's just very light and after the cream is absorbed, you will not smell it anymore. I recommend applying the cream, wearing gloves and let it "soak" overnight. 

Cupcake Face Mask: 
Many people have been raving about the smell of this mask saying "it's JUST like cupcake batter"...well.. I don't really think so. It has an amazing smell and my whole room smells of it when I use it but it's not actually like batter, although it makes you want to dig a spoon in it and eat it.
Regarding it's efficiency.. well this mask is for very oily "teenager" skin, my face is not that oily but I noticed a difference when it came to pimples. One application and they looked way smaller and less red. All in all a good mask :)
Mint Julips Lip Scrub:
Well there isn't too much to say about it, it's a sugar scrub, it works like a charm. It's especially great before applying lipstick cause it evens out the lips making them really soft and smooth. The thing I love about this is that once you rub it on the lips you don't need to wipe it off or rinse them... just lick it off :) it's minty sugar !! 
H'Suan Wen Hua Hair Mask:
This is the thing that disappointed me A LOT ! It's a hair mask and well.. first of all you're supposed to apply it on DRY hair.. which makes it really strange and my hair felt super dry when I washed it out. I used it another 3 times and yeh, not impressed. The smell is very very strong, I loved it and again, like the cupcake mask, my whole room smelled of it. It's a very spicy scent because of the cinnamon and cloves.. you either love it or hate it. Anyway.. not a major fan of this mask, not gonna buy it again.

Squeaky Green Shampoo Bar: 
This is probably one of the most famous things from Lush, the hard shampoo bar. I was really really excited to use this and to be honest it didn't disappoint AT ALL :) It lathers so well, you just use it like a soap you either get the foam in your hand or straight on your hair it's up to you but it works like a charm either way. I totally agree with the title, my hair NEVER felt this clean, it was just plain amazing. This too has quite a strong "natural" smell, and again you either hate it or love it :)

Yesterday I got some more stuff but I haven't used either of the things so I will probably review them another time.
Hope you enjoyed this completely different post from me.

Julie x

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Monday, 20 February 2012


Also known as good manners. I think it would be amazing to learn that here... I'm definitely not perfect but the things I see at lunch are more than horrible. Some people live by this way of life 
"Stuff the fork with as much food as possible, aim for the mouth and hope for the best"
You can't even imagine how disgusting that looks when someone's doing that in front of you and even more if the person has a bear and 80% of the food gets stuck in it. 

Just a random thought that was on my head all day after lunch.

Julie x
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Sunday, 19 February 2012

You are such a child.

Yes, yes I am. 

Not sure if it was meant as an insult but to be honest I couldn't care less. You're gonna spend most of your life worrying about insurance, your job, your car, family, retirement and all that crap anyway. So why not act like a 5 year old while you still can. Besides... I can act adult when I want.

My schoolmates are pretty contradictory: one side (the ones that hardly know me) says "You're a very serious person" the other side (my close "friends") tells me "You're like a child"... what if I'm both ?

I do that..because I CAN !

This and "Why Disneyland ?" are the most common things I'm being told here. Why ? Well I lived all 20 years of it in first person, there's nothing I'm more enthusiastic about, it's a place where my "childishness" is highly appreciated..I'm just here to get a degree.
Why ? Because I WANT TO.

Watch this :) Hope you like it.

Julie x
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Friday, 17 February 2012

Celebrating 20 years of Disneyland Paris~

Watch !

This is absolutely fantastic, and what's even more fantastic is that the guy at 3:28 says exactly what I felt all the way through the video. 
"If you have a feeling for Disney you will look at the show and there will be tears in your eyes and you will be hugging your family, cause that's really the feeling of it." 
Tears all the way to 4.23... I don't even know why but I'm so incredibly excited for Disneyland Paris and everything that's going to happen to it. I can't wait to start working for and with those incredibly inspiring people. 
It makes me want more and more to get and in-training in Disneyland... I might mention it ;)

Enjoy, hope you love it as much as I do !
Julie x
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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Men are like animals...

"Men are like animals. You know what we first think about, when we see a girl. When we talk with our friends, about her, it's always really graphic, but when we start talking about the way she thinks, about her her voice relaxes us, how much better we feel when we talk to her, how she makes us feel special... then you know we're in love" 
- A very 'wise' friend of mine :)
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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Happy "expensive chocolate and flowers" day !!

Hello My Lovelies,

so today was valentine's day. I walked down in a horrible mood, caused by a very stupid argument I had last night. But 2 hours into my school day, Nick and Ales told me I got elected SRC :) I still can't believe it.. I probably wrote it everywhere but fact is.. I seriously can't believe it. 

After that I had another 2 hours of french class and during the break our teacher spoke to me in french and... to be honest I understood her quite well and could tell her things rather well to, I impressed myself. She asked if I requested to change course, I told her I didn't since it would have clashed with my timetable and knew it wouldn't have changed anything, an hour later she came back with the teacher who organises the language classes... luckily this guy is belgian so he spoke in french to me and realised that apparently my french is better than what they learn in the advanced class... I highly doubt so, I can literally feel my lacks of knowledge and I told him that, he suggested periodical meetings so that we can speak in french and he will give me some sort of homework but besides that I will work on it by myself too. 

Today I had the special lunch and to be honest it was really nice :) we were 10 students and 4 "important guys from school" xD One was the headmaster and the 3 others work in administration. We had a nice chat and the lunch was to die for :)

The dessert was so cute and delishhh.. we had it for dinner again, luckily. It would have been embarassing to take a photo at the lunch table :)

After that, since I had an exemption from french class I was free for 2 hours and during those 2 hours I had a skype convo with the person I had an argument yesterday evening and things are back to normal again :) and also I got a valentine's day box :) It contained a cupcake and some truffles, all delicious, sadly the person I got the box from wasn't who I was hoping for but he's a friend of mine so it was a very nice gesture :)

After that, my least fave class... and then some extra work for PA marks :) Was actually easy peasy :D
Then a nice moment with Mr. X., me and Juli decided to call him like that, since the walls have ears. Nice moment wasn't enough though and I should definitely follow my gut feeling more often, cause what I was thinking was sure to happen, actually happened. So if I did what I was thinking I should do, by know he'd know. 
Not sure if this makes sense xD It actually sounds rather complicated, it's definitely not but whatever :)

So this was today !!! Better than I expected, mainly cause me and my friend solved that argument... it made me feel bad.. and I don't like that :)

Tomorrow I have service class... hope I get MDH tomorrow and most importantly I hope Ms. H. decides to mix the groups so it will be much more fun even if I happen to get the restaurant tomorrow. 

Anyway that's it for today.
Have a nice night.

Julie x
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Monday, 13 February 2012

Confidence and Valentine's Day suicides.

Hello My Lovelies,

another post from the country of chocolate and cheese, of which I had none yet... WHERE’S MY CHEESE FLAVOURED CHOCOLATE ???????

Anyway... days go by, the more I’m at the this school the more I realise, that I’m not as stupid as my school in Italy made me believe, I’m really happy about that.
Especially today, we have this peculiar class called “Personal Development Planning” and it’s about developing and discovering yourself and improving and whatnot, I really like that class, mainly cause the teacher’s scottish and I really could listen to him for a million years and yup I believe I already wrote that sometime. Anyway today he asked us to set up 2 personal, 2 academical and 1 internship goals. This proved to be more difficult than I thought... mainly cause there had to be a way to “measure” that. At one point I was stuck, I had 1 personal and 1 academical and the internship one (more about those later)... and then the teacher came and asked if I was done or needed help.. I told him that I was thinking about putting “Being less shy” as personal goal, even though I didn’t really know how to measure that, and in that moment he told me something that, once again, cheered me up so much !!!
Basically when he started talking to me, I started to flush so I indicated my face to show that “THAT” should stop.. anyway he told me that from what he saw he doesn’t think that I’m shy at all and that I seem to be rather confident, which made me really happy... cause I feel like a 3 year old when I walk around. Anyway to have a way to “measure” that, he suggested that I should apply to become Student Representative for our year... strange was that a lot of people agreed :) So many things are happening at this school that I would have never thought would happen to me, I was so pointless, useless and unknown at my old school... I can’t really believe it :)

Anyway I did it, I applied, now I shall wait.
Regarding the other goals, I tried to keep them simple and POSSIBLE.
Personal: Try to get to the end of the year without spilling anything or breaking any plates or glasses. About that... people don’t realise how immensly clumsy I am, in those 3 weeks I already fell down the stairs 5 times.. and none of those times involved heels. I spilled so many things.. it’s not even funny. So this is going to be a tough one :)
Then of course the SRC one.
Academical: Get at least 80% in French and get 200 PA marks by the end of the semester... should be doable.. I already have 110 :) 
Regarding the internship one... I settled down on the fact that I’d like to become head of housekeeping, so I put down “Get a job in the housekeeping department of the Kempinski in Geneva”... we shall see :)

Besides that, not much else to say... tomorrow is valentine’s day, also known as “Giulia’s Yearly Suicidal Thoughts Day”. What I wished would happen, sadly didn’t so... whatever, another year as single. In the end you can moan as much as you want about valentine’s day but  actually if you have a partner don’t say you wouldn’t appreciate a nice dinner and whatnot, that day. Some extra attention is always nice.

I almost forgot... the school organised a lunch for CMHT group 2 (which would be me) tomorrow... so that's my valentine's day thingy hahahaha

That would be it for today, nothing much interesting going to happen later. I'm gonna indulge on some Lush stuff. Hair mask and shampoo bar.. maybe a face mask just to be even more pretty ( HA HA HA ) for Valentine's day.

Lots of Love (from me if you're single ;) 
Julie x
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Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Memoires of a waitress

Hello My Lovelies,

week 2 in the swiss hotel school is in course. So many different, strange, great things happened here. I'm really having a good time :)
I made some really good friends, mostly males... you know why ? We figured out I'm a tomboy xD Nah just kidding... let's just say I'm through with female drama... I have 3 girl friends and about 10 guy friends... and I don't mind hanging out just with the guys. 

I met all my teachers by now.. can't complain really... just the subject which, so far got me the most information, has a pretty annoying teacher. But besides that.. I like them all, and I actually look forward to every lesson... maybe not really Beverage studies but yeh xD

We have this class called "Food and Beverage" and it involves serving teachers and students either in the school's restaurant or in the cafeteria. The restaurant is quite a quiet place, not many tables, but it's rather boring. Cafeteria is a madhouse, especially when the "rush hour" starts. Today I had service in the cafeteria with 3 other girls, snob 1, snob 2 and "meh". 
So... we are studying "HOSPITALITY" which means we need to be hospital a.k.a. friendly and welcoming, I'm not joking when I say I have not seen those girls smile once. When the head of housekeeping assigned us stations to start with I got the teacher's table, in other words fill up glasses, pick up dirty plates and eventually serve hot drinks, not a bad job.. but it can be stressing cause it's very narrow there and you can't always serve like you should but whatever; usually after some time, we rotate stations... so the three girls working in the kitchen, washing plates were supposed to take my job and also serve student's tables, but apparently, according to the head of housekeeping, I was doing my job so well that the girls were to stay in the kitchen. Didn't mind AT ALL. Last time I think I spent 3 hours after the service, cleaning plates, polishing and putting everything away. 
During my service I did a few mistakes but all teachers are so nice, I couldn't help but smile anyway.. and there was a short moment during which I was thinking I was doing everything wrong.. and in this moment our "Psychology" teacher looked at me and said "You're doing well, just keep smiling" and that cheered me up a lot.. I think he's got super powers ;) not to mention a scottish accent. 
Anyway after this very stressing lunch, head of housekeeping told me I did very well... and made me hated even more by my group mates... but whatever. 
Snob 1 and snob 2 can go screw themselves and "meh" is just meh... she never speaks and when she does you have to ask 5 times "What ?" to get what she said cause she's ridiculously shy.

Every weekend it's law that you have to be drunk and/or high all 3 days.. which is a bit too much for my short self. Last friday I could barely walk by myself so I decided to be very antisocial saturday and sunday xD because I just can't take it.

I made a bunch of good friends here, mostly guys but you already knew that.. and it's so strange, it's such a different world here. Back home everyone knew me and my "past" and I have a feeling I had a strange reputation there but here, like some teachers said, we have a blank page therefore.. no one knows me. I have a feeling that here they like me, if they like me, for who I am. I the same weirdo as before but people appreciate it.. weirdly enough :) 

Anyway..enough with emotional crap... let's talk about Munich !!! 10th of March, my school... or some of us... is going to Munich to meet "Kempinski Hotels" at a convention, hopefully I'll find a job opportunity at the Kempinski in Geneva, there :) would be so fabulous to have my first proper job in a 5* hotel :) Even only in housekeeping... I wouldn't even mind. Anyway we'll see :)

Besides that I have nothing new... it annoys me that my thoughts are so discontinued but yeh... too much to think about !

Hope you're all doing well.
Best wishes and lots of love

Julie x
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