Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Memoires of a waitress

Hello My Lovelies,

week 2 in the swiss hotel school is in course. So many different, strange, great things happened here. I'm really having a good time :)
I made some really good friends, mostly males... you know why ? We figured out I'm a tomboy xD Nah just kidding... let's just say I'm through with female drama... I have 3 girl friends and about 10 guy friends... and I don't mind hanging out just with the guys. 

I met all my teachers by now.. can't complain really... just the subject which, so far got me the most information, has a pretty annoying teacher. But besides that.. I like them all, and I actually look forward to every lesson... maybe not really Beverage studies but yeh xD

We have this class called "Food and Beverage" and it involves serving teachers and students either in the school's restaurant or in the cafeteria. The restaurant is quite a quiet place, not many tables, but it's rather boring. Cafeteria is a madhouse, especially when the "rush hour" starts. Today I had service in the cafeteria with 3 other girls, snob 1, snob 2 and "meh". 
So... we are studying "HOSPITALITY" which means we need to be hospital a.k.a. friendly and welcoming, I'm not joking when I say I have not seen those girls smile once. When the head of housekeeping assigned us stations to start with I got the teacher's table, in other words fill up glasses, pick up dirty plates and eventually serve hot drinks, not a bad job.. but it can be stressing cause it's very narrow there and you can't always serve like you should but whatever; usually after some time, we rotate stations... so the three girls working in the kitchen, washing plates were supposed to take my job and also serve student's tables, but apparently, according to the head of housekeeping, I was doing my job so well that the girls were to stay in the kitchen. Didn't mind AT ALL. Last time I think I spent 3 hours after the service, cleaning plates, polishing and putting everything away. 
During my service I did a few mistakes but all teachers are so nice, I couldn't help but smile anyway.. and there was a short moment during which I was thinking I was doing everything wrong.. and in this moment our "Psychology" teacher looked at me and said "You're doing well, just keep smiling" and that cheered me up a lot.. I think he's got super powers ;) not to mention a scottish accent. 
Anyway after this very stressing lunch, head of housekeeping told me I did very well... and made me hated even more by my group mates... but whatever. 
Snob 1 and snob 2 can go screw themselves and "meh" is just meh... she never speaks and when she does you have to ask 5 times "What ?" to get what she said cause she's ridiculously shy.

Every weekend it's law that you have to be drunk and/or high all 3 days.. which is a bit too much for my short self. Last friday I could barely walk by myself so I decided to be very antisocial saturday and sunday xD because I just can't take it.

I made a bunch of good friends here, mostly guys but you already knew that.. and it's so strange, it's such a different world here. Back home everyone knew me and my "past" and I have a feeling I had a strange reputation there but here, like some teachers said, we have a blank page therefore.. no one knows me. I have a feeling that here they like me, if they like me, for who I am. I the same weirdo as before but people appreciate it.. weirdly enough :) 

Anyway..enough with emotional crap... let's talk about Munich !!! 10th of March, my school... or some of us... is going to Munich to meet "Kempinski Hotels" at a convention, hopefully I'll find a job opportunity at the Kempinski in Geneva, there :) would be so fabulous to have my first proper job in a 5* hotel :) Even only in housekeeping... I wouldn't even mind. Anyway we'll see :)

Besides that I have nothing new... it annoys me that my thoughts are so discontinued but yeh... too much to think about !

Hope you're all doing well.
Best wishes and lots of love

Julie x


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