Monday, 13 February 2012

Confidence and Valentine's Day suicides.

Hello My Lovelies,

another post from the country of chocolate and cheese, of which I had none yet... WHERE’S MY CHEESE FLAVOURED CHOCOLATE ???????

Anyway... days go by, the more I’m at the this school the more I realise, that I’m not as stupid as my school in Italy made me believe, I’m really happy about that.
Especially today, we have this peculiar class called “Personal Development Planning” and it’s about developing and discovering yourself and improving and whatnot, I really like that class, mainly cause the teacher’s scottish and I really could listen to him for a million years and yup I believe I already wrote that sometime. Anyway today he asked us to set up 2 personal, 2 academical and 1 internship goals. This proved to be more difficult than I thought... mainly cause there had to be a way to “measure” that. At one point I was stuck, I had 1 personal and 1 academical and the internship one (more about those later)... and then the teacher came and asked if I was done or needed help.. I told him that I was thinking about putting “Being less shy” as personal goal, even though I didn’t really know how to measure that, and in that moment he told me something that, once again, cheered me up so much !!!
Basically when he started talking to me, I started to flush so I indicated my face to show that “THAT” should stop.. anyway he told me that from what he saw he doesn’t think that I’m shy at all and that I seem to be rather confident, which made me really happy... cause I feel like a 3 year old when I walk around. Anyway to have a way to “measure” that, he suggested that I should apply to become Student Representative for our year... strange was that a lot of people agreed :) So many things are happening at this school that I would have never thought would happen to me, I was so pointless, useless and unknown at my old school... I can’t really believe it :)

Anyway I did it, I applied, now I shall wait.
Regarding the other goals, I tried to keep them simple and POSSIBLE.
Personal: Try to get to the end of the year without spilling anything or breaking any plates or glasses. About that... people don’t realise how immensly clumsy I am, in those 3 weeks I already fell down the stairs 5 times.. and none of those times involved heels. I spilled so many things.. it’s not even funny. So this is going to be a tough one :)
Then of course the SRC one.
Academical: Get at least 80% in French and get 200 PA marks by the end of the semester... should be doable.. I already have 110 :) 
Regarding the internship one... I settled down on the fact that I’d like to become head of housekeeping, so I put down “Get a job in the housekeeping department of the Kempinski in Geneva”... we shall see :)

Besides that, not much else to say... tomorrow is valentine’s day, also known as “Giulia’s Yearly Suicidal Thoughts Day”. What I wished would happen, sadly didn’t so... whatever, another year as single. In the end you can moan as much as you want about valentine’s day but  actually if you have a partner don’t say you wouldn’t appreciate a nice dinner and whatnot, that day. Some extra attention is always nice.

I almost forgot... the school organised a lunch for CMHT group 2 (which would be me) tomorrow... so that's my valentine's day thingy hahahaha

That would be it for today, nothing much interesting going to happen later. I'm gonna indulge on some Lush stuff. Hair mask and shampoo bar.. maybe a face mask just to be even more pretty ( HA HA HA ) for Valentine's day.

Lots of Love (from me if you're single ;) 
Julie x


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