Sunday, 19 February 2012

You are such a child.

Yes, yes I am. 

Not sure if it was meant as an insult but to be honest I couldn't care less. You're gonna spend most of your life worrying about insurance, your job, your car, family, retirement and all that crap anyway. So why not act like a 5 year old while you still can. Besides... I can act adult when I want.

My schoolmates are pretty contradictory: one side (the ones that hardly know me) says "You're a very serious person" the other side (my close "friends") tells me "You're like a child"... what if I'm both ?

I do that..because I CAN !

This and "Why Disneyland ?" are the most common things I'm being told here. Why ? Well I lived all 20 years of it in first person, there's nothing I'm more enthusiastic about, it's a place where my "childishness" is highly appreciated..I'm just here to get a degree.
Why ? Because I WANT TO.

Watch this :) Hope you like it.

Julie x


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