Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Happy "expensive chocolate and flowers" day !!

Hello My Lovelies,

so today was valentine's day. I walked down in a horrible mood, caused by a very stupid argument I had last night. But 2 hours into my school day, Nick and Ales told me I got elected SRC :) I still can't believe it.. I probably wrote it everywhere but fact is.. I seriously can't believe it. 

After that I had another 2 hours of french class and during the break our teacher spoke to me in french and... to be honest I understood her quite well and could tell her things rather well to, I impressed myself. She asked if I requested to change course, I told her I didn't since it would have clashed with my timetable and knew it wouldn't have changed anything, an hour later she came back with the teacher who organises the language classes... luckily this guy is belgian so he spoke in french to me and realised that apparently my french is better than what they learn in the advanced class... I highly doubt so, I can literally feel my lacks of knowledge and I told him that, he suggested periodical meetings so that we can speak in french and he will give me some sort of homework but besides that I will work on it by myself too. 

Today I had the special lunch and to be honest it was really nice :) we were 10 students and 4 "important guys from school" xD One was the headmaster and the 3 others work in administration. We had a nice chat and the lunch was to die for :)

The dessert was so cute and delishhh.. we had it for dinner again, luckily. It would have been embarassing to take a photo at the lunch table :)

After that, since I had an exemption from french class I was free for 2 hours and during those 2 hours I had a skype convo with the person I had an argument yesterday evening and things are back to normal again :) and also I got a valentine's day box :) It contained a cupcake and some truffles, all delicious, sadly the person I got the box from wasn't who I was hoping for but he's a friend of mine so it was a very nice gesture :)

After that, my least fave class... and then some extra work for PA marks :) Was actually easy peasy :D
Then a nice moment with Mr. X., me and Juli decided to call him like that, since the walls have ears. Nice moment wasn't enough though and I should definitely follow my gut feeling more often, cause what I was thinking was sure to happen, actually happened. So if I did what I was thinking I should do, by know he'd know. 
Not sure if this makes sense xD It actually sounds rather complicated, it's definitely not but whatever :)

So this was today !!! Better than I expected, mainly cause me and my friend solved that argument... it made me feel bad.. and I don't like that :)

Tomorrow I have service class... hope I get MDH tomorrow and most importantly I hope Ms. H. decides to mix the groups so it will be much more fun even if I happen to get the restaurant tomorrow. 

Anyway that's it for today.
Have a nice night.

Julie x


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