Saturday, 25 February 2012

The most exciting school tour of my life.

Q:Where would you take your students if you were a teacher at a Hotel Managaement school ?
A: An industrial laundry & a company that produces chemicals and cleaning supplies !!!

So yesterday we went to those 2 awesome places xD Well... it was interesting to see but none of us remembers anything BUT the prices of the hangers xD A metal hanger was 75CHF and one of the plastic ones that folds up 110CHF xD Everything else, flew right through our brains. 
Some photos (kindly taken by Chris, so credit goes to him)
if those aren't interested faces then I really don't know what are xD
Yeh.. that's the deal.
Thank you Chris, we can now all see how excited I was xD I wonder what the guy behind me was smiling about xD
All happy to leave :D we don't look like 20+ to me we look like a bunch of 9-10yr olds.

When we came back I had 2 lunches yup 2 ! Living and hanging out with guys who always get second and third servings, is making me incredibly hungry xD So first I ate in the MDH and then in the restaurant downstairs for a b-day of one of my classmates, was alright :D In the afternoon we went to the second place (i.e. the company for cleaning materials).
It was pretty fun there, we got to try out some machinery xD hoovers and stuff and a polishing machine haha that was fun, first 2 guys, one of which couldn't hold the machine at all and then... *dramatic music* me.. of course ! Now I always get to hear "C'mon president ! Show us what you got!" haha anyway it was very very fun xD and I could actually hold it quite steady.
Outside we tried a strange machine (photo below) on which you had to sit... and of course I had to try it again and FFS I could not drive that thing AT ALL !! So I stopped after like 2mt. 
Classmates :)

That was the amazing day yesterday.. had a nice convo with Mr. X, actually a pretty long convo, it was so nice to talk to him again and not only see his coldness when he says 'hi' :) so so so happy we talked :)
Anyway that's it, here some more pics of yesterday... Chris takes some random pictures it's amazing hahaha.
Fakest smile everrrr :D 

Horrible horrible hair !!! In the background we had a toy store, it was so silly hahaha

Love this pic A LOT !!! :D the lightning is really nice and it's so strange that it kinda looks like sunset even tho it was like 11am.

That's it for today.
Good Night
Julie x


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