Thursday, 19 April 2012

But I set fireeeeee to the... banana ?

Hello My Lovelies,

another week at the hotel school almost over :) Fridays are usually pretty chill, got one class in the morning... hopefully my group will finally give the fudging presentation and in the afternoon we have another presentation to give about port wine. None of them marked.. just excercise so.. wtf ?

I got some other marks back and well.. I'm doing quite well (according to teachers NOT ME) we realised that I'm better at practical things, I always knew I'm not a good writer of essays, but now in complete honesty.. how much fantasy and elaborated writing can you put into an essay about "The importance of housekeeping in a hotel" ? The teacher's comment was that my essay was too "clinical" but I did a  "good job"...I don't get it.
My other essay (pair essay) was too dry and not critical.. yes I got it I tend to just state the facts and not really go into detail because you know what ? I honestly don't give an effff.

Today in F&B class (my best and my fave class) we learnt how to make banana flambe :) No idea what I did different from the others but apparently mine was the best taste wise... can't wait to make it again :D It's a lot of fun. It looks way more difficult than it actually is but tbh it's easier than gueridon service. You need butter, sugar, lemon juice, orange juice, liquor or rum, a banana or two.

Here's a pic of our set up today.. Ales making the banana, pic taken by Barbara :)

Yesterday evening I went to another event here at the school it was about fire safety and it was quite ok, there was a silly game and first it was the guys' turn then the girls' and of course who's been pushed to be of the girls' group ? yeh.. you guessed right.. me ! And guess what ? I even won this shit ! haha
The game was to answer a question and then wear a fireman uniform as quickly as possible. Here's me in all my pun intended.

Me and the lobster/chicken/jellyfish thingy oh and the prize... chocolate ! Hello diet eh ?

Let's talk about internships... I still got nothing. Yesterday I had a phone interview with Conrad Rangali Island, which IMO went quite alright, and I have another one on tuesday for a hotel which for "jinx" reasons I won't mention.. if I get bought it will be a helluva choice really. A hotel in Geneva apparently is interested as well, I'm not interested in them too much but I'll go to the interview anyway.. if the payment is good the payment is good ! For a lot of money I'd also work for this hotel. 

Oh...7th of May.. remember this date I will try to vlog that day cause it's gonna be an interesting one ;)

Tomorrow after class Franzi, Nefeli and Me are going on a quick weekend to Milan :) It's only 3 hours away and Franzi is driving !! We're gonna do couchsurfing so accomodation will be freeeeee :D although we might die haha nah jk, we picked one with a lot a lot A LOT of references :)

Next post will be about Milan then ;)

See ye on Monday

Julie x
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Sunday, 8 April 2012

Yet another Easter alone.

Hello My Lovelies and Happy Easter !!

It's nothing new that I don't like easter, never did not even as a kid.. don't know why but I just never did. This is my second year spending easter away from home, which kinda makes me sad.. I know I never liked it and I hate family reunions as much as every other person but still, being with someone would be nice.
Last year I was in Ireland.. alone.. cause the family went away for a weekend at the beach but at least I had my girlfriends whom I had a picnick with but here.. my two girlfriends left so well... I'm alone watching movies, reading books, listening to music, revising french and so on... you name it. In 2 days I probably had 4 face masks..not that my skin is complaining but still. 

The weather this morning didn't even make me think of going to the shopping centre today so yep.. gonna stay inside and do all of the above mentioned things. Gosh it's April and it was snowing so heavily this morning it's incredible.

Anyway aside from my depression which isn't really a depression since I'm quite content being alone and left alone.. I wish you all a happy happy easter, forget the diet and indulge on that chocolate bunny :) 

I'm gonna do that too ^_^

Julie x

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Friday, 6 April 2012

Touching my dream with my fingertips.

Part 2. 

Job  wise well.. let's say that for a second I had my foot inside Disneyland Paris, I could feel the fabric of the uniform, smell the water of the attraction and I could hear the engraving machine start...but sadly I couldn't accept the job since I was to start like... 6 days ago xD 
But thanks to the absolutely fantastic (french speaking) people of this school, who helped me write (more like wrote for me) an e-mail to Disney apologising and asking for eventual internship positions starting in june, my candidature now lies in the internship office waiting for a hint of pixie dust to create a vacant place in the company. 
So being in the "Talent Pool" paid off in the end, knowing that even with the french I had back then I'd get a job cheers me up a hell of a lot.

Today then I received from my career assistant an offer, again for the Disney Company, but for something completely different "Sales and Retail" in Munich.. but still it would be DISNEY and it's awesome to have that on my CV :) 

You can't even imagine how amazing it feels to have this in your e-mail inbox:

Faith, trust and pixie dust... I will get there soon enough :) 

Julie x 

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Concept Events, Cheese Factory and Biscuit Factory trips ~Beware, contains many photos~

Hello My Lovelies,

Julie here with some updates on life and jobs and school and such.
School is slowly coming to its end, got my first marks for the first assessments, exams and presentations.. my marks are incredibly low considering they're out of 100 but apparently I'm "the best" in some subjects, which quite surprises me :S but well.. the mark actually hardly ever counts, especially since I'm studying in Switzerland and not Italy where if you finish with "110 and honor" you're a genius (or bribed the teacher). 

Cool thing of this school is that the BA course studying for Events Management has to create some concept events and I went to 2. Masquerade and R-Cube. The first one was absolutely fantastic !!! Loved it so so so much. 

Nefeli, the student's president, the certificate representative and treasurer, the diploma representative and secretary. Quite VIP picture xD
The card contained a message which was shared with our male partner.
My partner was our PDP teacher hahaha
The 3 dance finalists xD ever danced for 4 minutes straight in heels to "Danza Kuduro" ? so much fun !!

R-Cube Event

Handmade bracelets and other things were on sale :)
I won chocolate for answering a question.. WRONG xD wtf ? haha was fun though
No clue why I was in this photo haha I'm such a midget xD

Yesterday I had service in the MDH and we were understaffed it was me, Ales and LKOA.. in other words it was Me and Ales, I was Cinderella washing dishes in the kitchen while he was the runner outside. It was quite alright and we finished early so we decided to take part at the visit to the Emmentaler Cheese Factory :D
The ride there was quite fun, it was Chris driving, andrew in the front, max in the middle and me and ales all the way in the back, we had a nice chat.. he's a quite intelligent person not to mention funny it was quite nice.

The trip itself.. it was flippin freezing in Bern and inside the factory the smell was quite overwhelming.

Cheese tasting.. the last one on the right was THE BEST !!! it was the most mature :)

After the cheese factory it was (according the the Chef) a 10minute drive to the biscuit factory which turned out to take like 45minutes if not longer. But it was absolutely fantastic !!! 
We watched a woman prepare easter bunnies. 

Finished bunnies.

Macaroons: Before IMI

Macaroons: After IMI

The biscuit factory was heaven cause there were tons of open boxes where you could taste or steal (cough cough) biscuits and we were all so sick on the way back... ate definitely too much :D
The trip back was a lot of fun, really loud music singing and dancing and just being silly. Chris drove like crazy it was mental we almost crashed at one point hahaha.

Nefeli, Ales, Me and Hanif.

Cool people sit in the back.

That's it for now, another post about something very important to me, coming straight after this :)

Love Julie x

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