Friday, 6 April 2012

Touching my dream with my fingertips.

Part 2. 

Job  wise well.. let's say that for a second I had my foot inside Disneyland Paris, I could feel the fabric of the uniform, smell the water of the attraction and I could hear the engraving machine start...but sadly I couldn't accept the job since I was to start like... 6 days ago xD 
But thanks to the absolutely fantastic (french speaking) people of this school, who helped me write (more like wrote for me) an e-mail to Disney apologising and asking for eventual internship positions starting in june, my candidature now lies in the internship office waiting for a hint of pixie dust to create a vacant place in the company. 
So being in the "Talent Pool" paid off in the end, knowing that even with the french I had back then I'd get a job cheers me up a hell of a lot.

Today then I received from my career assistant an offer, again for the Disney Company, but for something completely different "Sales and Retail" in Munich.. but still it would be DISNEY and it's awesome to have that on my CV :) 

You can't even imagine how amazing it feels to have this in your e-mail inbox:

Faith, trust and pixie dust... I will get there soon enough :) 

Julie x 


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