Sunday, 13 May 2012

LUSH reviews of a normal human being part 3.

Hello My Lovelies,

so here we are again with the 3rd LUSH product review blog. I know it's not your favourite kind but it's what I write when I have nothing interesting to talk about, and I think it's quite helpful for those who want to try Lush the first time.

Catastrophe Cosmetics Face Mask: 
I bought this mask during a period of pimple blooming like no other haha this was supposed to calm the skin and make it more radiant and reduce pimple size etc. 
This mask has a lovely lovely lovely blueberry smell, it's like you're putting berry yogurt on your face. Regarding the result.. meh.. it didn't do any "wonders" for my skin so.. I wouldn't get it again.

Imperialis Face Cream:
There's quite a love/hate relationship with this cream. I think it's absolutely perfect for winter, it's quite rich and a little goes a very long way !
The lenght of "life" of this product isn't too long so the little 45gr jar is quite a bit too much for like a month of life. I'm keeping it in the fridge 24/7 so it's quite a bit better but all in all it's a bit too much product.
Lately I've been mixing it with foundation to create a sort of tinted moisturizer, coverage is not the best but I quite like the result.
The purpose of the cream is to mainly calm the skin, it's made with lavender (like Fresh Pharmacy) so it's quite matching. At first I didn't like it but now I love it to bits !! Definitely worth a buy. Although it might be too rich for oily skins and during summer.

Ocean Salt Scrub:
Ingrid (missglamorazzi) has been raving about this on youtube all the friggin time so I decided to finally give in and buy this body/face scrub.
It's main purpose is to be a FACE scrub, but being made with big salt chunks I think it's a bit too aggressive therefore I've been using it on my elbows and knees, it does leave the skin soft but very red afterwards, I rubbed very gently but I always got this result so, for me it's a no. My friend Franziska also bought this and she's not too impressed either. So if you got sensitive skin DON'T buy this.

It Started With A Kiss Lip Tint:
I absolutely love love love this !!! Lately I've been obsessed with orange/corally lip colours (Mac's Vegas Volt <3) so I had to get this one. To be honest when you open it it looks like a water colour, if you actually figure out how to open it. It took 3 bartenders at starbucks and later on actually the Lush shop assistant to open it. In the end it's quite easy just twist but it's closed VERY tightly at first. The colour is very lovely on the lips and OMG the smell !!!! I have no idea how to explain it but I love it so friggin much !!! 
In the picture it looks more pinkish but it's definitely a red leaning towards orange. Definitely gonna buy this again in like 10 years when it's finished ;)

Jasmine & Henna Fluff Eaze Hair Mask:
Lush hair masks are always supposed to put into DRY hair which was always kind of off-putting, so this time I decided to put it into damp/wet hair and the results are waaaay better !! First of all you use like 5% of the product instead of the usual 30% for one mask ! Then since this one leaves the hair rather greasy because of the "anti-flyaway" purpose, I would never use it on dry hair. One suggestion, if you use this before straightening your hair it's gonna be horrible, your hair will look greasy and heavy, whereas if you have natural curls and let your hair air dry then the locks will be perfect. I've been doing this for the past weeks on both straight and curls and the curls are just amazing, soft and bouncy. The smell is a bit strong, it smells quite a lot like baby wipes and it stays for 2 days, but it's not very bad. Not sure if I'll buy this again, maybe for the summer time.

Love Lettuce Face Mask:
Ladies and Gentleman !
I found my favourite Lush product !!!!!!!!!!!!
This mask is THE BOMB !!! 
It's absolutely amazing, it doesn't promise any miracles just to brighten up your face and hell yeah it really does it's job.
I might be biased since my favourite colour is green and this mask happens to be an amazing green, but the smell of lavender is perfect for my face routine since it matches both my cleanser AND my moisturizer. The texture of the mask is a very light scrub, you put it on an you can feel the granules, when you wash it off you rub your skin and you will shine as bright as the sun. It's really amazing ! I love it to bits, nuff said !!

This is it :) Next time I go to Lush (probably tomorrow) I get a 25CHF gift card :) it's a bit of a p-take but whatever free lush money is free lush money :)
I only plan on buying one thing tomorrow since I stocked up on pretty much everything. I want to buy the Ro's Argan. The shopgirl did my hand with that stuff once and I couldn't stop sniffing my hand all day, I looked like a weirdo on the bus home haha.
We'll see.



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