Thursday, 3 May 2012

"Ob Mailand oder Madrid hauptsache Italien"

Hello My Lovelies,

back to writing a super interesting blog post ;)
So as I said last time, me, franzi and nefeli drove to Milan over the weekend. It was a very interesting 3 hour drive from here and all the time (till it got dark) we were followed by 2 amazing rainbows. 

It was our first experience with "Couchsurfing" because we wanted to keep this trip as "cheap" as possible. Couchsurfing involves sleeping at someone's house, for free. Franziska had an account on that page and after a load of rejections and "maybes" we finally found this extremely funny guy. 
We shared a room with, 2 french people and 2 russians. We were sharing a king size bed, wasn't too bad.. although.. Nefeli, had something like a fight in her dream and she started hitting me which.. well wasn't too comfy to be honest.
Regarding the whole couchsurfing experience, we all came to the conclusion that we would never do this alone. We picked a guy who had around 200 great references and therefore we were pretty sure we could trust him but to be honest we were a bit scared since, in the end you're still staying at some random, stranger's house. In any case our first couchsurfing experience was a success !

The first evening we went to a quite strange but really funny party, it was a birthday of 7 people.. none of which we knew but it was a lot of fun. On our actual first day we went to the Cathedral, took some photos and then we went to a quite lovely restaurant were I finally had some decent food after months of cafeteria crap.

Sunglasses were a need. After 3 gloomy weeks finally some sun and warm weather.

Boredness leads to creativeness.

Our skinny colleague sitting in the corner of the kitchen.

This could be made into a short video we took paparazzi shots so I have around 400 photos all similar to this xD

On day 2 we technically had planned to visit the Como lake but uhm... yeh.. we kinda.. maybe.. got lost xD We had a GPS (or whatever it's called in english, we call it NAVI in german) but anyway never found the lake so we just burnt some gasoline for jokes. The ride back was quite unspectacular. As soon as we reached the border to Switzerland weather got back to being ridiculous, pouring rain as always.

Anyway this is a quick summary of our trip to Milan. I have some other amazing news to be spoken about in detail soon. It's not completely sure right now but 99.9% it is :D 
I'll keep you updated.

Good Night and.. don't be scared if Peter Pan comes into your room, he probably lost his shadow once again. 

Julie x


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