Saturday, 5 May 2012

Mickey Mouse, my next employer.

Hello My Lovelies,

for those of you who follow me on twitter or know me IRL this post wont bear many news, for those of you who don't... well.. read this while sitting down :)

Last tuesday (24th) I was supposed to have a phone interview with the Vienna International Paris hotels. Since tuesdays are my days off I decided to get really ready for this interview, you know you kinda gotta "study" the places you might work for just in case they ask you what you know about the hotel. So, the interview was set for 12.00 noon, I was starting to get nervous at 12, since the HR manager didn't call, 13 still no call, 14 no call, 15 I give up and leave to go to town. Majorly pissed off I asked the head of career department what I should do. On Friday during our most boring class I was on FB *cough cough* and decided to call the HR department afterwards. I called and.. nope, once again out of luck, I left my number to the girl who answered me and hoped for the best.

3 o'clock in the afternoon, phone rings, french number, an english speaking guy with a VERY strong french accent starts to interview me (finally) for Vienna International. All together the interview lasted around 7 minutes and it went incredibly smoothly. 
All of this to say that...

I'm gonna work for The Mouse !

So this is my amazing news :) I'm not completely working for Disneyland since the hotel I will be working in isn't fully a Disney hotel but still. I'm going to be a castmember, I'm going to have the benefits of being that and also I'm gonna live in the castmember accommodations !!!! I'm so super excited !!! I was quite honest with the HR manager and told him that I've never been to this hotel but of course this is going to be fantastic cause it's going to be completely new, yet, most of the guests are going to visit Disneyland and about that... well... ask me every detail starting from 1992 and I will be able to help you ;) I'm gonna work in Front Office, for those who don't study hotel management, it means standing at the Reception ! (I'm not offending here... I didn't know what Front Office was before I came here) The hotel is all in the style of a Circus, hence the name Magic Circus, and my uniform kinda resembles the one of a Circus Director :) 

I'm gonna start working there very very early, usually internships start in july, some in august. Mine.. starts pretty much right after my graduation. I graduate june 13th, train to Paris june 14th and my job starts on the 18th :D But I don't mind.. I think a break would just make me lazy ! I really can't wait to meet my new roommate, because I'm going to share a 2 people flat with someone. Yayy !!!!

I will try to post as often as possible, I'm really excited to live all the way through 6 months of Disneyland Paris' 20th anniversary, I will live through Halloween AND Christmas :) I will live the opening of "The World of Disney Store" and I believe many many other cool things. So if you're interesting in hearing all the news straight from the source, follow this blog !! 

Follow your dreams, they will eventually come true (or almost ^_~).

Love and Hugs


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