Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Secret trip to Paris and Interviews in Genève.

Hello My Lovelies !!!

Here I am back from mid semester break and back at uni. The week off was absolutely fantastic.. I went to Paris, which not many people knew (for reasons) and I met this friend there and we had 5 really nice days. Disneyland OF COURSE which I didn't enjoy as much as usual but still I watched the parade with him and it was well... listen to this song, it explains us very well :)
Pretty much imagine me singing this song at the top of my lungs all the way through the parade. 

Place de Toscane. Where I'd like to live one day :) Pic taken from my fave restaurant !

First day in Disneyland :)

Nicest moment of the whole trip, in my opinion. I'd relive that moment a million times :) btw all that stuff only 10€

Needless to say that we had an argument in 5 days... our personalities clashed a bit but it was alright, no big deal and in the end it was a quite good day:) I had my very first Croque Madame haha typically french food. Bread with ham (for me without) covered in cheese, baked in the oven and an egg on top :) YUMMMM 
Came back with many songs from this trip :D Will make a list soon!
The goodbye was rather sad and the trip back was more than hell cause I was developing an illness which made me feel horrible all those 6 hours it took me to get home. 

Back at school it wasn't over ooooh no hahaha the best week was just about to arrive... *sarcasm*.
Monday I went to the doctors cause I just couldn't bear it anymore.. all the way through Paris I had a stinging pain in the middle of my stomach then other pains which were rather uncomfy. Oh well got a kidney infection=2 weeks of antibiotics and painkillers. Fun times let me tell you. The painkillers work like a charm hahaha on monday when I came back from the docs I had a class and my kidneys were killing me, but the teacher knew so he didn't say anything when I was sitting a bit (a lot!!) crooked on my chair xD when class was done I took 30 drops of that stuff and hell yea... felt like heaven !! 

Tuesday: Interviews in Genève ! Technically 2, practically 1 ! I'm such a dumbbell ! I checked the bus times wrong and I realised only when I arrived at the bus station. Pretty much my bus would have arrived at 10 at the train station but at 10 my train would have left, so with a lot of running and 140 CHF later I missed not 1 but 2 trains !! See how intelligent I am ? Oh well a lot of phone calls later and a change of ticket I arrived in Genève by 13.50 with plenty of time till the 2nd interview. 
I arrived at the hotel and I must say it's an amazing place !!! It's very very elegant, 5 star hotel in Bellevue !! I'd work in the F&B department, although now thinking back I wouldn't have minded doing Housekeeping either... oh well. Anyway not gonna state the name of the hotel :)
The whole interview was in french (oh myyyy) I said so much BS ! but it went on quite well.. I mean we talked for 30 minutes straight. They will let me know by next week, and another *surprise hotel* is supposed to get back to me by the end of this week. Everybody cross fingers and toes for both !! The first one gives me a helluva lot of money and the second is just... IMPORTANT !

Anyway this is it for now, to be honest there's not much new stuff to say. We will get all our results of exams back next week and that's when we will find out if I suck at this school like I did at my previous ones or if maybe I'm not so bad after all.

Wish me luck*


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Saturday, 17 March 2012

Sickness post.

Hello My Lovelies,

I'm writing to you guys right now from my "Midterm break" bed :) in other words I'm off school, yet... I'm sick :( Been sick a whole week now and it's incredibly annoying. I have to take off on monday and I don't feel like it at all. Spent the whole night coughing and therefore I was awake watching unhealthy videos on youtube... 

Anyway I'm trying to find the positive side right now, I can stay in bed all day, drink gallons of hot tea, watch movies till I'm bored and not give a shit about anything.

The last week was absolutely incredible... and not in a nice way. We had so much stuff, assestments, presentations, essays and all sorts of crap. My restaurant presentation went alright.. tbh I don't wanna know the mark... my groupmates were so stupid that I can't see anything good coming out of it. 2 days ago then almost all of my classmates, and me, realised that SHIT we have to finish a 2500 words essay by tomorrow. So we spent 3 hours sitting in a library brainstorming and then when the library closed we moved over to this place called "The Well" which is a studying area. Imagine a looooong table, 8 people, 8 laptops, 4 bottles of wine, disco music.... I don't want to know the mark for the essay either !!
But it was such a fun night really :) 
Yesterday then we had an exam about wine and beer.. I thought I did quite well but afterwards I checked some of my answers and yeh.. could have done better ! Although all the things I revised were in the test... I was wrong with the things I haven't studied. 

This was just a quick update, I'm off to watch Julie & Julia, just to get a bit more into the mood of Paris <3

Talk to you guys either tomorrow or next saturday :) 
Julie x
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Tuesday, 6 March 2012

LUSH reviews of a normal human being part 2.

Soooo here comes the second wave of Lush products, and also the last for a while... I'm stocked with everything I need.

Cosmetic Warrior Face Mask:
So this mask was supposed to kill imperfections as in pimples and all that stuff, in no time.
The girl in the shop told me that it's made with garlic which has a quite strong smell... but to be honest the amount of tea tree oil in it is rather covering, I couldn't smell the garlic AT ALL. Regarding the effect.. I saw no changes, to be honest I feel it made me break out a bit.
Not gonna buy it again.

Ultimative Shine shampoo bar:
After being so impressed by the "Squeaky Green" shampoo bar I decided to try another one. This one was supposed to bring a lot of shine into my hair, it is white, looks like a babybel with glitter in it. I wasn't majorly impressed by its cleaning power... both times I used it I had the sensation that my hair was not properly clean and before washing it wasn't like really really greasy so.. uhm.. not too happy. About the "shine"... no major improvement here. The smell sadly is really really great but well that doesn't really do the job.
Not gonna buy it again.

Fresh Pharmacy face cleanser: 
I love this to bits !!! It's fantastic !! In just 2 days I got an amazing complexion, pimples are less red and smaller, pores are smaller and I'm glowing. Never thought this would be so good but it's really an amazing product. The only thing I don't like too much is that it dries out my skin quite a bit and since I have to use a quite drying cream too for the night, this isn't a too good combination. But anyway I highly recommend this ! Also cause I bought a rather big piece and it wasn't too expensive and I washed my face already like 10 times and a small piece is lasting me AGES ! The smell is really nice it contains a lot of lavender which is rather overwhelming but nice.

Trichomania Shampoo Bar:
The smell of this shampoo is INCREDIBLE !!!!!!!!! It's coconutty and absolutely fantastic !! The downside though is that, once again, I'm not really having the feeling of cleanliness afterwards, but maybe I used it wrong... I only used it once so I'll update you later on.

Jungle Conditioner:
I only used it once yet, the smell is absolutely fantastic and it works so well with Trichomania !! Loved the combination ! It's fruity and tropical. About the function of the conditioner.. well not sure how great it is, it definitely doesn't give the satisfaction of a cream conditioner but it works quite well.

This is it for now, I'm gonna wait a while before buying more Lush stuff... I have enough for a looong time, especially when it comes to hair stuff xD

Julie x

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Thursday, 1 March 2012

"If you gonna play with fire then you're gonna get burnt"

Hello My Lovelies,

just another service week on the edge of a mental breakdown.
Let's begin with yesterday shall we ?

Well in the morning we got an exercise, sadly in the same groups we have to do the fucking presentation with, so I got snob1, meh and lenny kravitz of arabia... as usual no collaboration so whatever I wrote was was the group "thought", I was spokesperson anyway so whatever, from the other group you could here a conversation going everyone giving some feedback and snob1 dared to ask "why you always look at them ? look at us !" why should I ? You give me no reaction at all you're incredibly boring and frustrating ! Lenny kravitz of arabia was even sleeping on the table, you know cause he works too much, poor guy, always tired.
At one point I had enough, I was on the verge of crying so I just threw my pen and did nothing.. what's the point ? 
Service in the MDH then the group sadly changed but thank god I had ales in my group and meh and surprise surprise lenny kravitz of arabia. I was serving the teachers which was alright but then after some time Ales asked if I could help out with the trolleys because the work backstage was just NOT moving on. At some point we had 3 full trolleys of plates in the kitchen, no more ice-tea outside, no more glasses, no more hot water... it just sucked ! 

Today then... final showdown. I lost my temper for a second but what came afterwards was way worse. Stay tuned ;)
So today first of all we had to finish the organising excercise and my group had to do it 3 times.. I was in every single one ! The other group changed around but my group of course not... I was always spokesperson. Too many little details but I swear I almost told everyone to fuck off. 
Afterwards the same group as yesterday had service down in the restaurant.. well I shall not mention that L.K.O.A. didn't do anything and didn't take advice or just didn't move one finger. 
The main thing happened while we were serving, that idiot dared to tell me how to serve !! HE dared to tell ME how to serve ?!?!?!? HE ?!?!?!? I swear I was about to punch him ! If it was someone like Nick or Ales who know how to do it, I would have accepted the comment but it was HIM ?!? Anyway gotta be fucking professional, I told him to shut up cause I was in a hurry to serve all the other tables, cause me and ales had 3 together, while he had 1 and didn't even do that ! To my shut up he answered called me a "fucking bitch". Alright that was one, what was amazing was that afterwards he dared to talk about this to the teacher who just looked at me and laughed. Later on, teacher saw what happened, that idiot was leaning on the drawer and I needed something so I was trying to open it and he shouted at me "Don't touch me" to which I politely answered (in a rather strong, and unexpected, british accent) "I'm not touching you I'm touching the drawer" anyway teacher saw. After the service we had a "meeting" with the teacher and me and Ales finally got to say everything that was on our minds it felt so fucking liberating !! Teacher advised us to talk to the dean so later me and ales went, but he wasn't there, so we spoke to the scottish teacher and well apparently quite a lot of people complained about this jerk. 

I must admit that I didn't feel well,at all, after talking to the teacher.. Ales hugged me, it felt so good ! I'm missing out on human contact here ! Anyway I really appreciated his presence and I told him a bunch of times today, he really is a good friend.

Anyway that was it, tomorrow last 2 classes and another week is over ! This is going so quick !! It's incredible ! 

This was so overwhelming today.. I'm dead tired.
Night peeps x
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