Tuesday, 6 March 2012

LUSH reviews of a normal human being part 2.

Soooo here comes the second wave of Lush products, and also the last for a while... I'm stocked with everything I need.

Cosmetic Warrior Face Mask:
So this mask was supposed to kill imperfections as in pimples and all that stuff, in no time.
The girl in the shop told me that it's made with garlic which has a quite strong smell... but to be honest the amount of tea tree oil in it is rather covering, I couldn't smell the garlic AT ALL. Regarding the effect.. I saw no changes, to be honest I feel it made me break out a bit.
Not gonna buy it again.

Ultimative Shine shampoo bar:
After being so impressed by the "Squeaky Green" shampoo bar I decided to try another one. This one was supposed to bring a lot of shine into my hair, it is white, looks like a babybel with glitter in it. I wasn't majorly impressed by its cleaning power... both times I used it I had the sensation that my hair was not properly clean and before washing it wasn't like really really greasy so.. uhm.. not too happy. About the "shine"... no major improvement here. The smell sadly is really really great but well that doesn't really do the job.
Not gonna buy it again.

Fresh Pharmacy face cleanser: 
I love this to bits !!! It's fantastic !! In just 2 days I got an amazing complexion, pimples are less red and smaller, pores are smaller and I'm glowing. Never thought this would be so good but it's really an amazing product. The only thing I don't like too much is that it dries out my skin quite a bit and since I have to use a quite drying cream too for the night, this isn't a too good combination. But anyway I highly recommend this ! Also cause I bought a rather big piece and it wasn't too expensive and I washed my face already like 10 times and a small piece is lasting me AGES ! The smell is really nice it contains a lot of lavender which is rather overwhelming but nice.

Trichomania Shampoo Bar:
The smell of this shampoo is INCREDIBLE !!!!!!!!! It's coconutty and absolutely fantastic !! The downside though is that, once again, I'm not really having the feeling of cleanliness afterwards, but maybe I used it wrong... I only used it once so I'll update you later on.

Jungle Conditioner:
I only used it once yet, the smell is absolutely fantastic and it works so well with Trichomania !! Loved the combination ! It's fruity and tropical. About the function of the conditioner.. well not sure how great it is, it definitely doesn't give the satisfaction of a cream conditioner but it works quite well.

This is it for now, I'm gonna wait a while before buying more Lush stuff... I have enough for a looong time, especially when it comes to hair stuff xD

Julie x


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