Sunday, 24 June 2012

Reception du Magic Circus, c'est Giulia bonjouuur !

Hello My Lovelies,

Alright here we go, first blog post on my new job !
I must admit that at first I felt majorly lost, everyone talking in French to me and thinking I was stupid since I understood quite well but never said more than "oui". But now 4 days later I'm getting the hang of it, the girl who is training me did her internship there too, she's quite cool and funny but sadly leaving in a few days but the crew at the reception is quite cool, I like the people I work with and French is getting easier everyday :) check-ins, arrivals, city taxes, group keys and phone calls are not a problem anymore. Although the biggest problem is always the phone, especially if the person is speaking French, in that case most of the time I call someone to take it for me cause people mumble and I'm having my troubles even with understanding properly spoken french haha. 

What I love the most is when I'm sitting at the concierge table (thing I shouldn't technically do) and people come to ask informations about he park, Paris an surrounding areas :) I like that cause I can help and I know insider things about Disneyland :) Yesterday evening a little boy came to me while I was at that table and gave me sweets :) adorable !! I really like the Italian guests, they trust me and prefer to talk to me over others who aren't trainees only cause I can talk properly to them :) there's one girl, I think she left now, who every time she came back in the evening shouted "bonsoooooooir giulia" super sweet :) but it's not all roses and flowers (Italian idiom translated to English) sometimes we do have rubbish and rude guests who blame you for things that are absolutely not in our control, but well if it was only nice people the day would be boring and as a matter of fact the days when we're the busiest with horrible guests are those that just fly by :) 

Now I have the weekend off and next week I'm working everyday from 3pm it's quite alright it's calmer than working in the morning although I don't like that I lose almost all of the day but that's my fault since I'm not a morning person otherwise I could do quite a few things before heading off to work.

Well here that was the first summary of the first days at work :) I hope this will be helpful for myself for when I have ti write my report about the internship for uni :)

Anyway goodbye my lovelies ! If you happen to be in Disneyland anytime soon don't forget to drop by and say hi :)



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