Friday, 15 June 2012

Graduating: Take 1 !

Hello My Lovelies,

Here I am, writing from my little shared flat in Paris.
Me and Nefeli, volunteering. 
But more about that in another post :)

So 2 days ago I graduated from first year !!!
Can I give you a programme Sir/Madam ?
It was such an amazing experience, so me and Nefeli volunteered to help out during the preparation, tbh they could have done it without us but whatever it felt nice and I was there 2-3 hours before the actual thing started.
We placed brochures on tables and I had the oh so important job of closing the door after all the lecturers did their entrance.

Later on we took some photos outside, I took photos with people I almost never talk to, but in the end (literally) we all love each other hehe.

The entrance was so major awkward and depressing, a very slow asian-y song started playing that just makes you want to cry, I will try to find it and post it. 
After all the lecturers entered, I had to close the friggin door and walk to my place, this was major awkward because "Why the hell is a student walking in, to the music, behind all the lecturers ?" hahaha ah well I had my moment. 
None of them are my classmates.
Then everything was pretty quick, since I was first year and we were only 5 in our class to have passed the year we went on stage got our piece of paper and went back to enjoy the show. Everyone got their pieces of paper (I don't call them diplomas cause one of the years is called Diploma) the BA students got their special red and blue throws on and then came the "Award ceremony" there are a few special awards in our school, Best student in each year, most committed to help students, best in 4 semesters, highest amount of Personal Attitude marks and best newcomer.
Poledancer with a Certificate ;)

While best newcomer was being described I told my friend next to me that no one of our class suits that and I was really wondering who might get it.. seconds later... my name ! I felt like crying. I almost did, I swear I never have been this happy. 
It's an award for the most committed to the principles of hospitality and tourism and the most promising in this industry :) I'm so super happy !!

They're so sweet even though I hardly know them :)
Anyway afterwards more photos outside, I really wish my parents came, because next year i'm sure not to get an award haha.
Then we moved to the "after party" in a little place with a stage, some random guy then came up to me to ask if I wanted to help give out the medals for sports day, and when I say I do all sorts of sh** at this school, I really mean it. I didn't even wake up for sports day but sure, shake hands with the winners and give out the medals and trophies ;) 

In the night we all went out for a last club night together, the club literally ONLY had people from my school :) It was a lot of fun, I turn really stupid when tipsy, I hugged everyone like I actually cared haha but it was nice to say goodbye. Sadly I didn't get to say goodbye to some people I would have really liked to greet, but well.. sh** happens. 
I already miss the school and the people. I really hope to stay in touch with some of my closest friends there :) Aside from Franzi and Nefeli, because I'm sure we will stay friends :D

Anyway now I'm here to start a new adventure. Internship months in Paris, France.


PS: credit for the photos goes to Chris.


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