Friday, 29 June 2012

Flash mobs and other great ideas.

Living in France and especially Paris means that you are almost 100% depending on the metro system which usually comes quite often OR, especially when you're in a rush, after an hour. Anyway, being a constant "rider" my trustworthy friend the iPhone, functioning as iPod, gives me a bunch of stupid ideas. While I'm listening to a really upbeat song and I happen to be standing almost at the edge of the curb with everyone behind me I always imagine myself as being the first to start a flash mob.. That I'm just waiting for the right moment to start my routine an everyone will follow ending in an amazing movie moment.

Actually I had a moment like this, the last evening I was in Switzerland, almost all of the school went out to the club, which on a Thursday evening was more than empty, all the club to ourselves. At one of the events most of us learnt a small routine to "Danza kuduro" and not everyone was dancing...about 3 people started and soon more as more joined it was so much fun to see the faces of the few people who weren't from our school who looked confused.

I don't remember if I actually ever wrote or spoke about this I only remember always wanting to talk about it when I first lived in Paris last year. I really liked the "dance of the sugarplum fairy" back then and you can't believe how much fun it is to listen to it while doing people watching!! Especially during rainy weather it looks as if people are dancing to it and jumping and doing silly walks it's just a lot of fun. I highly recommend trying it :) especially in autumn !

Most of the time I'm listening to comedians on the metro, long programmes which are funny to listen to and make me look like a nutter while I laugh alone. 
But in Paris...everyone's a bit mental.



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