Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Back to the Swiss Life.

Hello My Lovelies,

I have about 2 essays to write, one report to prepare, a presentation to research but... this blog has been neglected, I'm aware and I want to apologise. So here is what happened the past few weeks.
Part of my lovely kitchen uniform.

I'm back at my university in Switzerland, 2nd year and if you remember last year I was a waitress, this year I'm a cook. If at first there was a general panic in me cooking I'm now quite alright with it. It's very tiring, 5hrs from 8 in the morning until 13.30 with a short lunch break in between but it's fine. Thank god it's only 2 times a week.

Roast pork stuffed with plums on a veggie
macedoine with red wine sauce.
We get to choose from the menu which part we want to prepare and during my last class I decided to work on the "Roast Pork stuffed with plums" you might wonder what's special about it... well technically nothing besides the fact that I'm a vegetarian and well it wasn't the most pleasant thing to do to stuff my hand inside a piece of pork meat but well it had to be done. I'm forcing myself to face a few more chances this year.

It's been snowing on and off here lately but the past 2 days the nice Swiss sun came back and gave us some sunny, albeit cold, days. 

This year's view.. not really new.. same floor just a change of room by 3 doors xD

Typically swiss food. Cheese Fondue.
I spent quite a few days going to town, to Pilatusmarkt and to the lake... I mean there's not A LOT of choice but I want to see the city a bit more, reason why me and Franzi are trying a few restaurants and things we haven't done here yet. We went to the Fondue House to have a traditional swiss fondue. Although being really really yummy it's also really stuffing, this pot was for 2 and we didn't even finish half of it.

This year again I'm a candidate for the SRC... I'm not too much after it but it would be cool, I liked it last year, it involves you in a lot of things but of course it also keeps you quite a lot busier but well it's interesting.

Anyway that's it for this quick update. 
I hope to write a bit more often also cause I have a monthly schedule now, so there will be at least one post each month :) but hopefully more than that.



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