Monday, 31 December 2012

Au revoir 2012, bienvenue 2013 !

Hello My Lovelies,

long time no see (as usual)...
Let me update you on a few things, so things are back to... I guess normal ? I'm back in Italy which means that my internship at the fabulous Magic Circus is over... oh tears have been shed. 
I had the best of times and I will keep the memories forever. My internship ended with an amazing "Goodbye/Christmas" Party with my colleagues. First we went to a fancy, super elegant italian restaurant, then we went bowling and last but not least to a club. 
I miss those guys.

With most of my amazing colleagues :)
I will leave out the details about my departure day because well that is a whole different story and ended with a complaint e-mail sent to Air France... oh yes I had to listen to a lot of complaints this year so why not be on the other side and be the... "complainer" ?

I've now been home for 16 days and I will be heading back to lovely Switzerland in 1 week and I really can't wait to be back. I must admit that I'm getting sick of traveling... it's amazing, incredible, people envy me... bless them but I swear it ain't fun having to haul your life back and forth. 
It will eventually end and I'll be able to settle... just not now.

Last year I started a diary in which I wrote down a few moments, in the back I noted my 2012 resolutions so here are the nominees of resolutions 2012:

  1.  Write in the diary every work or school day (FAIL)
  2. Become more or less fluent in french (WIN je ne crois pas que je parle fran├žais courament mais surment je le parle carrement mieux que au debut)
  3.  Get to 60 or 58 (FAIL, yet I managed to keep my weight all the way through the year)
  4. Make more interesting videos (FAIL, I gave up my youtube career)
  5. Keep in touch with one special person (FAIL randomly but not much..)
  6. Get good grades (WIN well... kinda..)
  7. Buy from vintage stores to save money (FAIL !!!!!!! Especially the saving money bit)
  8. Get hair to "under-boob" lenght (FAIL now this was a joke I made with my best friend Marty but included it anyway, at some random point in time I reached that lenght but my hair was more than fried so i cut it off.. I'm on a good way now though)
  9. Keep learning dutch (WIN as in I kept doing it a bit.. enough to check people in)
  10. Rewatch all of "Friends" (WIN I did.. and... re-did)
  11. Get more active (FAIL ! Besides random outbursts of energy I hardly did anything)
  12. Have random dates. (WIN now this needs a bit of explanation.. I had a random date last year 2011 with a guy i met at FNAC, we had been at the same casting and we just went for a coffee afterwards. It was a fun thing so i thought whenever someone in a situation like that asked me out I'd go for it and I did 5 times.. Can't remember who all those were but whatever)

So that was it for 2012. There was actually just 1 more which I didn't want to write on here but it's been a WIN too. 
Now for 2013 I don't have a lot.

  1. Eat Less
  2. Get back into running.
  3. Say YES more often.
  4. Learn and USE my Canon camera (maybe finally sell that huge lens to get a smaller one ?)
  5. Keep in touch with my ex colleagues.
  6. Follow the idea of my favourite blogger "Hello it's Valentine" and post every month 7 things I loved (in pictures...reason to use the Canon more)
And that's also was a bit of a messy post but there's more to come. I'll post more often these days preparing up to my travel again.

Until then.. see you, next year.
Have a good new year's eve, party hard.. not too much. 



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