Wednesday, 14 November 2012

The Disneyland Paris Backstage, thanks to... the internet.

Hello My Lovelies,

My life’s troubled with being alone somewhere in the world, from time to time, the internet is an amazing matter to keep connected and to get to know new people.
Bless the internet for most of the people I got to know this year.

Most of them I met through twitter.
I have a personal twitter and a Disney related twitter (on request of someone *cough* CF) and through the Disney related twitter I got to meet and to know a bunch of lovely human beings.
First there’s Thomas whom I met together with Jolien and Annelies this summer in DLP after a terrible night shift. I spent a lovely day with them in the park and it was great to meet them in real life. They’re Duffy crazy and super animated, it was like being with “undressed” characters all day <3

Annelies, Me, The Mouse Himself, Jolien, Thomas and their Duffies @ Meet Mickey

Secondly, this was less twitter and more mails honestly, I got to meet Blogparks (I guess it's more something for my italian followers as he writes in italian). I’m not saying his name for reasons but, he’s a castmember. He came back to work during the halloween period and we met up twice and thanks to him and his fearlessness I got to see the backstage, the hidden bits of Disneyland Paris. Saying that I was an emotional wreck is nothing, yet I kept it cool HA HA always been there, i know every corner of it.. of course... OMG IS THAT THE BIGGEST WARDROBE IN EUROPE ??? O_O 
Sadly no pictures allowed.. well probably they are allowed but since I was there quite “illegally” it wouldn’t have been good to risk. On the matter of risks.. we ate at Imaginations ! I ate at the CM cafeteria.. *act normal, keep it cool*  
And, this is probably a quite well hidden secret... right on the opposite side of the restaurant Walt’s is another CM cafeteria (I ate there too ^_~). 
It was 2 afternoons of Disney secrets sharing.. one of which I spoke on here about: the “Harringtons” dome.. he didn’t know of that... shame ! haha
He introduced me to a bunch of little CM procedures which I will (hopefully) eventually get to know very well but it was nonetheless amazing to get to know so many little things that you would normally not know.
The second time we met it was the opening of the Christmas Season so we got to see the tree while it was being turned on. Simply amazing :) Although I need to go back again because there was a show going on under the tree and we were quite far away to actually see it.

So here I leave you now with this little insight to the hidden area of Disneyland Paris. 
Have a good day.



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