Sunday, 8 April 2012

Yet another Easter alone.

Hello My Lovelies and Happy Easter !!

It's nothing new that I don't like easter, never did not even as a kid.. don't know why but I just never did. This is my second year spending easter away from home, which kinda makes me sad.. I know I never liked it and I hate family reunions as much as every other person but still, being with someone would be nice.
Last year I was in Ireland.. alone.. cause the family went away for a weekend at the beach but at least I had my girlfriends whom I had a picnick with but here.. my two girlfriends left so well... I'm alone watching movies, reading books, listening to music, revising french and so on... you name it. In 2 days I probably had 4 face masks..not that my skin is complaining but still. 

The weather this morning didn't even make me think of going to the shopping centre today so yep.. gonna stay inside and do all of the above mentioned things. Gosh it's April and it was snowing so heavily this morning it's incredible.

Anyway aside from my depression which isn't really a depression since I'm quite content being alone and left alone.. I wish you all a happy happy easter, forget the diet and indulge on that chocolate bunny :) 

I'm gonna do that too ^_^

Julie x


  1. Sweet post, have a good day.

    1. Almost a month later but still, thank you so much for your comment ^_^


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