Thursday, 23 February 2012

"Did you do this before ?"

Well well well... we got the proof that I wasn't seeing ghosts, the people I used to work with ARE in fact stupid/lazy. 

Yesterday the teacher, bless her fantastic idea, decided to change the groups so I was still with "snob 1", which I decided not to call that anymore cause I quite like her, she's actually pretty sweet, and 2 of my "best" friends here.. I love those guys.
Anyway I never had such a lighthearted, funny and amazingly well going service :) We had so much fun and we messed around with serving techniques and it was just great !!! Everyone gave us positive feedback, whereas from the MDH we got complaints cause the other groups now made up of "Snob 2" (also kinda changed my opinion of her), meh, Lenny Kravitz of Arabia and "bangladesh" was an absolute fail. 

Today then we (the dream team) had to work in the MDH and well I wasn't toooo happy about this, this time, but I had to serve teachers again all alone.. tbh I wouldn't have minded washing the dishes cause I knew I could rely on the people that would have taken my places. Anyway it went very very well again, I was completely relaxed and besides Miss D. we had another "duty manager" and he was impressed to... he made so many compliments, to the group in general but it was just amazing !!! But of course 1 bad thing stays longer in your head than 20 good ones.. and as a matter of fact the only bad comment we got, albeit being rather idiotic, got stuck in my mind for the whole day.

Anyway I really hope the groups stay like this, if they do... this semester will FLYYYYYYY :) Although i doubt so :(

Anyway that's it for today.

Talk to you soon.
Julie x

PS: Here's a photo of tuesday night's carnival :)

The green guy next to me and everyone to my left is the people I usually hang out with :D
 Love them to bits !!


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