Saturday, 23 February 2013


It has a wrong feeling to it when you are listening to a song which clearly belongs to a city, while you are in a different city. 
Sounds like a riddle right ? Let me explain.

Nostalgia is giving me a hard time. I'm starting to really dislike this city known as Lucerne. 
Earlier I was on the bus heading to Lucerne and "La vie en rose" started playing on my ipod, a song that belongs to Paris, that is french, sung by the amazing Edith Piaf, about seeing life "in pink", a song that does not match to the all white scenario of Switzerland, whatsoever. It's not only this though. 
A witty, although bitchy, lady once told me "To really get to know a city, you need to get lost in it. Paris is a great city to get lost in." She was right. About both points. So I did what I did on my first day of life in Paris in 2011, ipod in so that I lose complete sense of orientation and off I went.. maybe I discovered that Lucerne is not that bad afterall.

So I walked and walked and walked for roughly 1 hour, starting from a point I knew very well and yes, 1 hour later, I was lost. Yet it gave me no pleasure. If you want, you can find beauty in anything but I just can't. Of course there is some very nice buildings, but Lucerne is boringly small... I mean I just had to walk back straight and there I was, back at start point, even though I went left and right and pirouetted on myself. I eventually even found the sketchiest of areas which did not help with my mission either.

I miss Paris so much. I guess that if I had local friends here, a boyfriend here and I don't know other things that might keep me in this city, but I don't. All those things are in Paris somehow. I just can't wait to leave. 
It's sad that my only connection to the "real world" or well the only place i feel kinda alright is a chain café known as "Starbucks"... getting "Chai Tea Latte with Soy milk" like I used to do every single time I met up with Edie or when I had afternoon shift at work. 

I came to the conclusion that I know where my "home" is. It's in Paris. Everything I love is there, I'm just working on getting there as soon as possible. 2 more years, just 2 more years and I will be a "Parisienne".
Haul my entire life, one last time from country A to country B. 


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