Saturday, 23 July 2011

~Bucket List~

Well I wanted to do something like this with a blogger gadget but nope we don't have such gadgets sooo let's do one from scratch.

Things I want to do during my year in Paris:

1. Buy a decent Reflex (Canon EOS 500D)
2. Go to Disneyland a bunch of times
3. Visit Versailles
4. Visit the Eiffel Tower, especially when the leaves turned brown
5. Meet Bogi
6. Spend a whole day by myself at the Louvre
7. Go to Montmartre
8. Visit the "Café des deux moulins"
9. Go to Pierrot Gourmande to get lollipops
10. Go see Imelda May
11. Go to town with my kids
12. Meet as many au-pairs as possible
13. Actually send stuff to my friends in Italy.
14. Figure out where and what Les Puces is (always bookmark stuff that sounds interesting)
15. Try to get as fluent as possible in french
16. Vlog publicly... after all in a big city no one cares.
17. Go to as many public events as possible
18. Get to know at least one Disney Cast Member
19. Bake many things with the girls
20. Go to the synagogue with them
21. Skype with Marty and Mom
22. Do some Random Acts of Kindness
23. Write many letters
24. Meet my dance instructor.
25. Start doing Yoga

Let's say more to come... the list might be infinite but I've got time.. a year is long :)

Julie x


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