Monday, 18 July 2011

This blog now makes sense again !

I'm a massive mind cinema director xD Nothing of all the things I imagined happened !!!! Because... beware... great news are coming, you might want to sit down... ready...3...2....1....


My future boss just called me and we were both squeaking at the phone :D it was just yay- yay-yay-yay haha amazing !!!! I already love her and can't wait !!!!! I'm so ridiculously happy right now I can't stop smiling !!! I had to wake up my mom to tell her she said "" and fell asleep again xD few minutes later... "Wait... WHAT ??" omg for once in my life I'm good at something and who'd have known it would be child minding ! Amazing :D

Now... let the flight booking begin ;)

Julie x


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