Friday, 29 July 2011

I got a date in Paris ^_~

- 36

It's getting closer !! I can't wait !! :D And as usual I started packing waaaaay too early but unlike other times where I packed my suitcase 5 weeks before, I only made lists of stuff I absolutely need to carry. I haven't even try to fit that stuff in it but I already decided... I'll need one more bag. And I'm not even overpacking unlike last time xD In Ireland I wore 20% of my own stuff and everything else was bought there xD But since Paris is a tad more expensive I can't really rely on the shops there or I need to find a bunch of thrift stores which wouldn't be too bad. 

I joined, a while ago, a group on facebook for au-pairs in Paris and I'm glad I already got to know a few girls and even two who live just around the corner :) Others live quite far away but I think we'll end up being quite a large group and I can't wait to meet them all. 

My mind's basically already there, lately I've been spending my days doing almost nothing... just planning what I'm gonna do there, see there, buy there... 

Now I saw that my old dance instructor lives there and basically the last time I saw him I was 12 and couldn't stand him... well now I'm quite a bit older and he asked me out.. but not really a date (am glad) he said he wants to become my "best friend" hehe and I find that funny he's quite funny, and I think he has a girlfriend so I really don't mind I like male friends :) And I really hope he can help me find a cheap/good dance school, cause he wants a job... so if he's the teacher AND my "best friend" I might even get a good price ;)

That's it for now... don't really have any updates for the next time until I start packing properly then you'll get like 20 posts saying: I think I forgot something, Where is my _________, I can't find the ________ and so on xD

Stay Tuned !
Julie x


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