Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Paris ~

I've been having thoughts lately... thoughts about this city.
So many beautiful movies and books are set in Paris and somehow I feel like a totally new life is about to start there, something better than anything I've lived so far. (wow this sounds a lot like europeans emigrating to the States)
I keep thinking that so many good things will happen there. First of all I never lived in a city, only for 3 days once in Milan and I was amazed by the fact that you could watch the news which, for example, were advertising a new show, and you could actually decide to go watch it because you were there !! Unlike where I live now where nothing EVER happens.
Second thing, many new, different, open minded friends and of course my dance instructor, I can't wait to meet them all.
Third...my own flat !!!! This on one side is extremely exciting ! On the other it's kinda scary, I've never lived all by myself (yea ok stop singing now) and yea i'll have to....live! I don't know if this sounded the way it was supposed to sound, but I hope you got what I meant.
Fourth and most important (not)... I can vlog there, I can walk around holding a camera in front of me without feeling awkward, well I'll surely be awkward anyway but still no one knows me there, it's a city:) It's big and you can get lost...

Soon I'll have to start packing... wish me luck ! ^_^

Julie x


  1. (^__^) I bet you are going to have a great time in pairs, only 25 days away:D


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