Thursday, 18 August 2011

Suitcases, French Books and Vlogs

Hello my lovelies,
Well we've got 15 days left :) 
Packing is going pretty well so far although I don't know what I'd do without the "Space Bags" you know those bags you suck the air out with the vacuum cleaner, those are amazing, and the only way to get my stuff from Ireland back to Italy O_O Those literally saved my life !! 
My french learning is going alright... everything would be way easier if I knew the verbs... which is probably the most difficult thing in every language, because a few days ago there were a bunch of french people on my bus stop I started thinking about how I could start to talk to them (I didn't), I noticed that I can quite keep up a conversation but grammatically and verbally completely wrong but people would understand what I mean... but of course with this "amazing" knowledge of french I don't think I'll go far. Oh sugar Paris can't come early enough ! I wish I could teleport myself there although I'd have no place to live since my flat is still being renovated. 

Anyway that's all for now :) I'll leave you with this vlog I recorded today and the song I'm obsessed with today ^_^

Rolling Stones - Paint it Black

So talk to you in a while ^_^

Julie x


  1. I love The Rolling Stones! I'm excited for your year in Paris - I hope you'll have a ton of awesome stories to tell :)


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