Thursday, 16 June 2011

Post nr. 1 actually cheating cause I ain't in Paris yet.

So here comes my very first post on this blog.
I wanted to start it when my so called “adventure” actually started, but actually it’s nicer to share with you (whoever you are) the whole thing... and all that jazz.
So I’ve been trying since february to find a host-family in Paris who has just girls at the age I wanted... yea a bit picky I know but I had loads of time so why not wait for the perfect family ?
Anyway this has revealed to be way more difficult than I thought, like the last year, I found many families, wrote many mails, got loads of nothing back, and that’s what majorly upsets me... the fact that they leave you there, suspended, no clue what’s coming next. I’d highly appreciate a ‘No thanks you’re not good enough for our family!’ at least I’d know ! But yea they rather leave you there in doubt.

Then I believed I found the perfect family, italian, parents with awesome jobs, good salary, own flat... what could be better ? The mom was kinda unreliable from the beginning (yea I’m lucky ain’t I ?), she wanted to call me so I spent 4 days staring intensely at my phone waiting for THE call... but nothing came. She then called me maybe at the worst moment ever, I was inside McDonalds (weirdly enough, not eating) and it was friggin loud so I had to go outside where there was a nice and warm, hailstorm ! I understood about 20% of what she said, she asked to meet me first before she hired me which I believed (and still believe) is a quite stupid idea, considering I fly back home on the 10th of July and on the 28th of August I would start in Paris. Anyway we agreed on NOT meeting and she would send me pics and we would check the flights together, at least that was what I thought.

About 4-5 days later still nothing so I decided to send her a few pics of me with my present family and kids and ask her a few questions... the answer came 3 minutes later (get the reference ? btw it was actually half an hour later). She answered my questions which was good and asked me AGAIN if we could meet... and at that point I started to really doubt her intelligence. I told her, calmly, again, that I can’t afford it and in the end that she should decide on whether I should come or not, cause it’s stressing me that I don’t know what’s the story here...
So... no reply yet, it’s been 5 days and I believe they dropped me so, back to looking for families.

That’s everything for now... more when I found a family or when I finally decided to flee from this place.

Julie x


  1. the first pages of the new adventure:, can't wait to read more^__^


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