Thursday, 4 October 2012

Long time no see: being a night audit, birthdays and relationships.

Hello My Lovelies,

....still someone there ?

5 o'clock in the morning... conversation got boring..
I know it's been over a month but life just rushed by. Can you believe it's already october ? where did this year go ? You're probably hearing this a lot lately.. I think we're always saying this every single year around this time.

Today I am on my break, so here I am writing to you with a few updates.

1. I survived 2 weeks in the horrible midnight shift.. 23-7 is absolutely not fun believe me. I learnt a lot as night audit but it's definitely not a job i'd like to do all my life, imagine always working when others sleep and sleeping when others wake to go to work. I lost completely the notion of time and I was just constantly confused.

Pic from Edie's Birthday. 

2. My friend Edie is back in Paris for a years (at least) this time to studying Fashion. Hope it's going to work out well this time, considering that both our last experiences in Paris were quite unfortunate (see october 2011). 

Marie and I being obnoxious in the middle.
3. I do still absolutely love my job and I'm growing fonder and fonder of my colleagues which is great and on the other hand bad, I'm gonna miss them a lot when I'm leaving. 
Apparently in the month of November I'm changing services, either housekeeping or reservations. It's interesting but it also saddens me a bit. I only hope that I get to spend my last 2 weeks in december at the reception.

4. I guess I can update on my private life as well.. I can say that now we're 2.. no i'm not pregnant. But that's also all you get. It's an unfortunate situation like always. In any case so don't expect a fairytale to come out of it. I'm a realist.

We don't have pictures together.. this seemed fitting enough ;)

Well that is everything for now. Sad news, my annual passport expired.. but maybe with my birthday money (like last year) I will renew it. November is Christmas Time a.k.a my favourite and I missed it last year so I definitely gotta be there this year.

Toodle pip, until next time.



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