Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Oh italian language how I love thee.

Hello My Lovelies,

this is going to be a bit of a strange post. I had this impression for years, especially while studying english, but now that I'm learning french I just realised it even more. 

Italian is the easiest of languages.

1. You pronounce every single letter ! Aereoplano ? you say every letter ! Not like french or english "Parlent" = parl - "Biscuit" = Biskit.

2. Masculine and Feminin words are easy to reconise. It ends with an 'A' - Feminin. Ends with  'O' or 'E' - Masculin.

and what I'm most annoyed about in the 3 languages I know, besides italian, is the unclearness when it comes to relationships.
Now being incredibly insecure, having:

In English,"I love you" meaning something like "i love you" AS FRIEND and also "i love you" AS GIRLFRIEND, just makes me go mental.

In German you have the same BS but with the word Boyfriend. When you say "Freund" it means both boyfriend and male friend. So most of the time to be clear you say this is "a friend" which can be a bit stupid to say. I don't know how to get this across but I hope you understood my point :)

In French and I only found this out a few days ago after it really happening and me still being confused. The word "Copine" can mean girlfriend or just friend. 
Now being someone who goes from stranger to boyfriend while skipping quite a few steps in between.. being asked to be someone's "Copine" can be incredibly worrying. 
Oh well.. I shall see what comes in that case.

Anyway back to languages, in Italian, you have everything very clearly.
Boyfriend = Fidanzato
Friend = Amico/amica
I love you = Ti amo
I love you (as friend) = Ti voglio bene

Well aside from this strange linguistic rant, a proper post will come these days. It's ready, it just needs a few touch ups and it goes up. 
Nothing really Disney related for the following days, as I didn't go to the park in a while, maybe in a few days a little "review" on Fantillusion.

Take Care


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