Thursday, 17 November 2011

Let the Christmas spirit begin...

Hello My Lovelies,

this post comes from my fave chair at home, right next to the fireplace. I'm having a nice cup of hot chocolate with cinnamon (try it it's awesome) and I'm watching a traveling show with my dad. This is like the perfect winter afternoon. That's why I'm feeling in a Christmass-y mood. 

First of all open this and have it play in the background: 

I'm kinda annoyed that I'm missing out of all the Christmas stuff that's happening in Paris but I decided I'm gonna create it right here in my house. My best friends will be victims of this, we will watch romantic christmas movies together, "home alone", bake cookies, just sit together and maybe... maybe... go get christmas presents together. Watch the Nutcracker ballet DVD.
Can't wait for my mom to finally be back home, to start decorating the house, the tree (we're actually getting it together this year) and stuff. 

I started to look at ways to decorate your christmas tree and recipes for christmas dinner.. gosh I can't wait till mom's finally home so that I can start making all this stuff with someone :D
Look at those trees !!! 
Our trees always look pretty empty even though we try to fill them up with stuff.. it's just never the same... 
The dinner then.. this year it will be even more boring since it's gonna be just me and my parents and yea.. well... TV will keep us company ! But meh.

How are you gonna celebrate ? Yea you, you reading this ! :) Thank you for reading btw ^_^

Julie x


  1. going to spend it with my family since we don't spend too much time together, and I hope someone makes eggnog the best Christmas drink of all


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