Sunday, 7 April 2013

A Gluttonous Cat in the Kitchen.

Hello Cats !

This is quite a random sunday afternoon post. I have been "collecting" photos of most of the "amazing" creations we cook in kitchen class. Now some of those things look a bit peculiar but I put my hand in the fire (Maybe just an italian saying... uhm..) that everything tastes delicious. 
We make everything ourselves with the advice of our chef, most desserts though are already made aside from the one bakewell tart in March :)
I wish I did those month per month.. well I will do now for my last 2 months.
I must say that I thoroughly enjoy kitchen class and I was considering taking a culinary path here at school but honestly I can't see myself in the kitchen, I enjoy cooking yes, baking too but working in a kitchen full time.. hell no !
Let cooking stay a hobby !

Top Left: Risotto with spring green pesto, roasted vegetables and pine seeds, beef.
Top Right: Black Forest Gateaux.
Bottom Left: Tiramisu.
Bottom Right: Lamb stew, green beans and swiss rösti.

Top Left: Pangasius skewer on rice with vegetables.
Top Right: Pork roast stuffed with plums on cauliflower.
Bottom Left: Feta on salad with nuts with lemon truffle oil and fruit bread.
Bottom Right: Some meat (sorry..chicken?) on french fries, broccoli with mushroom gravy.

Top Left: Beef Stew on Rice Pilaf with peas and watercress.
Top Right: Beef on green beans with roasted tomato and mushroom cream sauce.
Bottom Left: Homemade bakewell tart with roasted almonds on warm custard
Bottom Right: Beef carpaccio with lemon oil, parmesan and watercress.

Hope you enjoyed this culinary intermezzo on my blog :) More to come soon.. well.. end of the month roughly. 
Since I'm on a culinary scholarship you might see some more food sooner than the end of April. Stay tuned.

Hugs & Kisses


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