Friday, 13 January 2012

Flashback playlist of 2011.

I just got this idea from a thing I said in an old video... strange huh. Anyway in the video (a part I then edited out) I said that I plan songs to go with particular moments or situations, but most of the time they just happen. So, here is the "playlist" of songs that accompanied me all the way through 2011.

1. "Stay the Night - James Blunt" heard pretty much every single time Martina drove me to town in Castlebar, and she always sung to it.
2. "Skinny Genes - Eliza Doolittle" my alarm tone for a while... and the thing with alarm tones is that you genuinely start to hate them after a while.
3. "Pack Up - Eliza Doolittle" came on the radio very often when I was going to pick up the boys and had E'abha with me, I always sang along to that and she said that I only liked the song because of the "tweet tweet" part.
4. "Inside Out - Imelda May" the very first song I heard by her on the radio, it was always on and I always only understood the "...say you love me like a hobo" "..and your wobbly bits" parts so I had to google it with that :)
5. "Pulling the Rug - Imelda May" when I got her CD I always had it in the radio in the car and the radio sucked so it always started the CD from 1 and this was the first song, so this was my "starting the car" song xD
6. "Cosmic Love - Florence + The Machine" first on an advert for vodafone (?) then in my car.. loved it to bits !!!
7. "Lipstick - Jedward" uhm.. yeh.. this was around the time the Eurovision Song Contest was on... loved the song and E'abha always sang it to me.
8. "Masquerade - Lelia Broussard" this song was there a while but it was the song for when my car was broken and I had to walk the kids to school xD This was pretty upbeat but not too much so it was just right.
9. "Roadrunner - Imelda May" heard the first time at her concert, and then the best song of the summer all the way through my Paris days !
10. "Something Good can Work - Two door cinema club" always on the radio in Ireland but i always only repeated the sounds cause I could never ever tell what it was. I then finally found the song while sitting in the hostel in Paris xD
11."Under cover of darkness - the strokes" another ireland radio song :D
12. "Paris - Kate Nash" during my last days I wasn't really working even though I was alone with the kids, the mom told them to let me pack. E'abha though was always in my room messing with my mac and she listened to music and she absolutely loved this song and was always singing it the last days.
13. "I would walk 500 miles - the proclaimers" typical evening in a pub song !
14. "Danza kuduro" Summer song !!! Yikes I even learnt the choreo to that O_O
15. "Who's laughing now - Jessie J" always head that on when I was in the pool...
16. "Tonight tonight - Strawburry17" No particular reason
17. "Once upon a dream - Sleeping Beauty" my alarm tone in Paris.
18. "I wouldn't mind (goodgoose remix) by heiswe" now this song is very special and gave me the actual idea to do this post. I always and I mean ALWAYS put this song on repeat when I was on my way to Disneyland, on metro, while walking there, buses and so on. It got a special meaning because I got my "first warning" on the 13th of september and on the 14th I was off and went to disneyland and I had this song sooooo loud because I was really upset  and it was just perfect, then I always feel like dancing when I listen to music and this song drew such an amazing choreography in my head and it was just great to walk to it. 
19. "Sugar Plum Fairy - Tchaikovski" was my ringtone and what was pretty annoying was that I had my phone on "loud" only when I was out and about but at the same time I always had my ipod in so I never heard my phone, this ringtone was more for people around me. Knowing I wouldn't hear it anyway I put on something that wouldn't bother people too much and as a matter of fact I got a few "compliments" for it... how strange but nice :)
20. "Raggamuffin - Selah Sue" this song was on before Imelda May came on stage in Paris and before I heard that song already but didn't like it, but there they kinda had it on repeat and it grew on me. I really really like it now !
21. "La Seine - Vanessa Paradis" me and Edie decided that this is the song for Paris, since it was pretty much always on the radio and it was a song from the soundtrack to "Un monstre à Paris".
22. "Junk of the Heart - The Kooks" now that was MY paris song... I totally forgot it !

So this is it... I'm sure I missed a few.. but those were definitely the highlights and the ones that give me that "instant flashback" feeling :)
If anyone has the same taste in music as me feel free to listen to all of them... I bet you'll like them.

This is it for today. I'm off to watch the last 2 eps of Friends season 10 *cry*
Julie x


  1. So. Many. Suggestions. Gotta get through all of that music.


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