Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Late night ramblings...

To be honest, I'm just waiting for a "Friends" episode to load. In the meantime I can talk a bit about random stuffsss.

Sooo school is coming closer, 12 days till I move up to the land of Chocolate and Cheese... gotta pack again. You might think I'm starting to become a pro... nope wrong. Cause I have to pack for 6 months... AGAIN ! First Ireland then France then Switzerland and it's not over.. from July another 6 months trip and this will be my life for the next 5-7 years... Switzerland-Random Country-Switzerland-Random Country and so on.... I think by year 5 I will have figured out what to pack.

A thing that's already calming me a bit is that I'll have a school uniform, I'll look like a fool in it but at least I don't need to bother about what to wear. I said I'll look like a fool cause I did see myself in the uniform... I tried on stuff that's really close to it and.. nope business look doesn't suit me at all. Short, chubby and still looking like 14 in a blazer, shirt and a-line skirt ? ughhh a dream of a lifetime. The good thing though is that... those 7 years will definitely bring me closer to wearing the Disneyland Hotel uniform :) I tried to find a picture but sadly there isn't but let me tell you it's adorable ! That's the thing that will keep me going those 7 years... the castle at the end of the tunnel xD

I'm about to get an iPhone in a few days it should come in the mail and I've been looking for daily apps, because I need routine.. I'm starting to think I have an OCD but it might be just a slight obsession with having a routine... when I was in school and both in ireland and in paris I felt the desperate need of a routine. In ireland I got there.. in Paris slightly but mainly because of things I put into my day. I think at home I don't need it that much cause it's a "safe place" but as soon as I'm somewhere else... anyway back to the apps... I found a yoga one. Yoga is my mother's new favourite thing, every evening she comes and tells me how her work out went... not that she's going to a gym, no she's doing it in her room. So I found that and I might give it a shot, it relaxes me, might do some good to my back and it's some kind of excercise... but I definitely need other things to so if there's any suggestions let me know :)

Today I also realised I'm not scared of ALL phone calls anymore.. just the ones that are pretty much sure to end on a bad note. I had 2 phone calls in a row, which usually would have me in a crying fit and my parents telling the caller to call back in an hour. So first Nina called and she's the one I dread the most... strange how things change huh ?! anyway she asked about school and stuff, nothing fancy so the phonecall could have ended well but no.. guess who messed it up for me ? Edie...she made me look like a bitch to the teacher... and it's really not what I wanted to. Not gonna tell the whole thing cause it would take ages but if she for once kept her stupid, sarcastic and mean mouth shut it would do A LOT of good. Then the second one which was from a german number, and they hardly ever bring bad things and as a matter of fact it was a german friend which I love to bits... now she's almost 60 I think :) but she's the bubbliest and sweetest person alive. She's super intelligent and always puts me in such an amazing mood so it really cheered me up ! Although, she made me realise I'm 20... it was so strange. I got that question by Nina too before Christmas and it didn't dawn on me as much as it did today. I don't feel 20 at all, mainly cause i'm still at home wasting time like I used to do back in school days.. but still. This lady knew me since I was 4-5 and my best friend Martina too... it's so strange.. WE'RE 20 !

Anyway I'm going back to friends now, enjoy my ramblings :)
Good Night x


  1. I'm not sure I follow your crazy travels! So you go to a hotel management school in Switzerland? When does your semester start? Are you leaving now? You didn't tell us :)

  2. No I didn't tell you cause I still hoped something might go wrong and I wouldn't be accepted at school, only for economical reasons not for others. I will explain everything in sundays video :) My semester starts towards the end of january and I'm leaving in 11 days :)


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