Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Day: 45 "We are interested..."

Hello My Lovelies,

I've not been around for a pretty long time, things have been rough... pretty rough. I lost my job, I lost my flat, let's say the fault was mutual, I didn't try too hard but she didn't try to adapt to me or to let me get a routine but well. Remember how much I hated working for this family ? Well now it's over.

What's the most annoying about this is that this news is spreading like wildfire.. I'm getting e-mails from people at home, trying to help me, whom I've never even spoken to. And what's worse is that they might want to be nice but... in words everything is easy. Now think of this... you got NO experience in life whatsoever, you don't speak the language of the country, basically don't have anyone in this foreign country and you're seriously starting to look for comfy bridges and/or metro stations to stay at after being kicked out.

I tried to attack the first and main problem...the flat. I went to a youth thing where they should help you, and they did indeed, I got a million addresses of dorms and other working/housing opportunities, but what sucks is that they all need a whole lot of documents I don't have with me and that my mum can't find and what adds to it is that even if I had those documents, those people still want to wait about 3 weeks before they accept you, which is ridiculous.
I considered buying a flat, but I can't find anything around my budget, it's not like I don't have it but the money I have should be spent on university, it's like the (typical) american college fund... I'm not supposed to use this money !

Anyway then I tried the "easy way" looking for au-pair jobs where you get housing and a job, but au-pair world... oh my beloved au-pair world...AIN'T HELPING !!! So I told my classmates about my issue and one girl told me about her agency and yea basically I went there yesterday, today I brought them everything they needed and I already have 2 families waiting, one of which sounds pretty interesting :) not in paris though but whatever, a roof is a roof and a job is a job !

The day after I got "fired" I asked for a week of mercy since I got fired on a... saturday I think and the whole week after I was working ridiculous hours during which I would have had NO time to look for jobs and so on, so now I'm in the "mercy week" every day out off to some place to drop off my CV. As much as I hated my HM, when she was the moody bitch she was, she suggested I should try in Disneyland again and I did twice, both times I was told to check on the internet and to send my CV and cover letter through the webpage. Pretty disappointing but well, sit back and drink tea, I can wait...as soon as I get something else.

Now I'm out of money (besides bank account and some tiny bit in the savings cow) so I'm glad I got loads of porridge bought with a meal voucher... so everyday before I leave I stuff myself so I won't be hungry and won't have to spend money on overpriced crap !

School is going pretty well, I'm getting more and more "très bien" even though I don't think I'm getting much smarter, but I'm feeling advantaged by the fact that I had to research fucking words/sentences like "I'm looking for a job !" "I want to apply for this job!" "I'm about to move house and live under a bridge, so please contact me on this phone number".

That's it for now, with my highs and lows I didn't know what to write or better, how to write without writing a 50 pages essay on why my life is so horrible at the moment, but things are looking up...kinda !

Talk to you very soon I hope.

Julie x


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