Saturday, 22 October 2011

Day: 48 "Est-ce que vous êtes française ?"

Hello My Lovelies,

Well here I am, writing from the crappy hostel I'll be living in the next week (and probably the one after as well), it's not too bad, the walls are made of paper, I got no towels and the toilet's on the hallway and most importantly, no wifi in the room.. so I'm writing from the "breakfast area".
Yesterday I moved in which was quite a joke... I had 2 pretty heavy bags and then my huge suitcase. I decided to bring the bags first, and of course this hostel couldn't be anywhere round where I live or on the same route, noooo of course not, I had to change train twice ! Which was amazing ! Then well in the afternoon Edie helped me bring the suitcase here and yea... it hardly fits in my room. 
The only good things that kinda cheers me up is that I booked the night of the 26th as well which means that I will be able to go see Imelda May, the highlight of this year tbh ! 

I really want to talk about this one thing but I don't wanna jinx it, I already am way too hyped about this, and I hope I'm not getting my hopes too up but yea... let's just say it's an amazing thing if it works out well. If not.. au-pair for life !

Today I went to Disneyland, it's so friggin cold now... I did a bunch of things I haven't done in a while and some things I never did before. I mainly went to the Disney Studios, 2hrs wait for the Rock'n Roller Coaster, then I did Armageddon which sucks like the first time I did it and well I was reminded WHY I didn't do that more often, then I went to see Moteurs Action...bad decision ! Sitting still for an hour in the freezing cold definitely was crap ! Then I went to eat and yea... same thing as always "Table for one" looks as silly as it sounds ! But I ate at the nice buffet so it was alright. After lunch I went to see "The Art of Disney Animation" and it was so nice to see Roy Disney and then Walt Disney.. amazing ! Then I went for the first time on the RC racer where I noticed how stupid people are... they always try to trick the system but in the end those poor fools never win. There were 2 queues "single riders" and "groups" I of course was in the single riders, where groups are split up because they call one person at the time, but I in that queue was the only one actually ALONE ! Which was ridiculous... our queue wasn't in ANY WAY quicker ! But yea... tough luck ! In the evening Edie joined me which was really great, I actually wanted to save some money by eating cheap but we ended up having another buffet at the Sequoia Lodge, I made her like Disneyland :) We spent a pretty long time just chilling in the Disneyland Hotel... cause in the end her home sucks and this hostel sucks too... so that hotel is pretty awesome... if only it was closer ! 

Tomorrow we're heading off to Buttes Chaumont, which might sound familiar to "Friends" fans :) Think pretty hard !! I only got there after a while hehe
And yea... can't wait for monday, heading to the agency again and yea actually anything... I need a place to stay ASAP ! If you know someone who rents flats for not too much please let me know in the comments and I'll love you forever ! Seriously. 
I really would like to know if that bitch of a boss knows in how much trouble she put me... that idiot ! 

That's it for today... my workless and lazy days are pretty boring tbh... october always was my favourite month but this year it couldn't have been worse.. but in the end I "lived", Edie said that I learnt a lot... I did but yea... still not nice ! 

Talk to you very soon !

Julie x


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