Sunday, 4 September 2011

Day 1: "...never be rude to the french !"

Good Afternoon my lovelies,
your (officially) french blogger is back !! I'm writing from my amazing place here in Paris, just came home from a 3 hr walk round the city.
But first... the trip !
Yesterday morning when I came back from the hairdresser me and mam tried to make the last things fit in the suitcase and... nope we failed ! therefore I arrived with 1 suitcase and 2 bags -___-° thank God (find me someone else please) I didn't had to carry it around much. When me and my parents got to the airport we lined up in the queue, got to the front only to figure out it was check in for London and that the Paris check it would open about 30mins later... stupid easy jet and it's "mass check in" anyway once the suitcases were gone and my parents took me to the security thing everything was fine. One of the guards there came to me and with his "lovely"english told me to try to fit my hand bag in my other bag and I on the other hand (no clue where that came from) answered in neapolitan.. I NEVER DO THAT ! But well neapolitans work together "Simmo 'e Napule paisà" so yea I got through and although I wasn't wearing jeans or shoes with buckles... I beeped ! ughhhh a girl came to do the check... well awkward. Then the most intelligent thing ever !!! My amazing gate... had NO seats !!! Well it had them, behind a barrier and we couldn't access... anyway then we boarded and I was already starting to nod off when the captain with his lovely, LOUD, cracking voice said sth in french... which as you all know... ain't my best language, but I still understood that we were gonna have a 45 min delay... which was horrible. Then in the air we had turbulences, the lights went off, I saw a lightning right next to the wing... it was just horrible. 
When I came out I looked like something the cat ate and spit out so absolutely perfect to meet my family which was already waiting for me :D We drove home and they showed me the "fantastic" elevator which (even though i'm not allowed anyway) I'm never gonna take again !!!! In it, 2 peeps would fit nothing more and I was in there with my suitcase and bags and it was horrible !!! I will have to enjoy walking up 4 flights of stairs.  Anyway I'll try to make this as short as possible, the family showed me my flat and then left.
My flat is friggin amazing and it's soooo comfy and elegant and the best thing is... I have a view on the Eiffel Tower :D Anyway I decided to unpack and then fall asleep straight away... the bed is rather uncomfy or better... the pillows since one is like marshmallow and the other like concrete :S oh well I'll get used to it or bring mine round christmas time ! 

Today then was my actual first day, not of work just a bit round paris... I think I don't even need to state the obvious but... I GOT LOST ! yea I was looking for one Rue (street) and no way I could find it cause I left the only map I can read, at home ! I had one my HM (host mum) gave me but couldn't quite figure out but in the end by getting lost you see a lot more... which would have been the case if I didn't run around in circles for an hour, when I saw the vet's for the 4th time I realised I was doing sth wrong ! oh well xD My feet got blisters and I got a phone number from some guy... either my "flirting" is very powerful or those guys are pretty easy to influence xD leaning more on the latter cause all I did was smiling. He arrived saying like a million words a french ! when he was done, asking a question (apparently) I told him (in french) that I didn't understand one word, and he said the same in english, he's alright but... uhm... bit desperate sounding... might be just an impression though.

In the morning (before I left) the Hosts gave me a tour of their flat... but flat is ridiculous... they have like a castle !!! It's beautiful, very very very elegant and yea we went over everything that needs to be done and it's just WOW ! I'm not gonna say what, I'm not allowed, but it's friggin amazing, no comparison to the old hosts.
And what was class was that in the morning the HM kinda gave me an etiquette lesson on what to no to not be hated by the french and it was fucking true !! xD She said that whenever you need to ask someone a question you ALWAYS start with "Excusez-moi de vous déranger" -> "I'm sorry for bothering you"and that guy who gave me his number started with that, btw the only thing I understood xD

When I came back home I was knackered, but in the evening we were going out for dinner so about 2 hr rest then off again, I told the HM about this guy and it was so funny how she said "You girl !!!" xD anyway this evening was amazing, the restaurant wasn't too posh which was good since we were rather loud... we had 2 lightbulbs over our tables and one kept going off so we did "magic spells" to get them back on and yea I don't need to mention that we were pretty noticeable ! 

On our way back home the parents stopped at the park to warn some teens that it was forbidden I took the girls away and we started messing around at one corner, 4 girls and we all suck at volleyball was great xD and I showed them a silly thing I used to do while "playing" volley and we all ended up jumping on the place... pretty hilarious.
The best moment though was the littlest (who's 10) coming up to me and saying she's happy they picked me as au-pair it was soooo sweet !!! And this on my first day O_O couldn't be happier !!  
And now I'm home.

What's silly is that there's 2 entrances to my flat one which looks pretty awful, I'll provide pics ASAP and one which is pretty posh, I entered my flat on the first day through the posh side but today I just couldn't find it so I thought that the awful one was for my area xD and now the HP (host parents) "forced" me to use the posh one and as I got upstairs I couldn't open cause I had no clue how xD 

Anyway that's it... from tomorrow on I'll have to speak italian with the girls and they'll have to speak french to me... gonna be fun xD

Au revoir et bonne nuit !

Julie x


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