Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Day 8: "Oh shoot there's the metro let's run.... owwww"

Hello my dears,

today was pretty eventful... and I really mean eventful. First of all I was meeting a new friend whom I spoke to on the internet for a while, and yea we were supposed to meet at Gare du Nord and even though I was the one with most problems to get there I actually got there first, I went upstairs and outside... I wish I never went outside -___-° I’m usually not that naïve but today one of those beggars came to me with a list to sign and I thought it was something official but nope, it was them trying to get money off you and it even said “minimum 10” and (which makes no sense “minimum 20” I gave 5€ which was even too much... ugh ! 
I then went back inside which felt safer and met my friend, Edie was supposed to come to and after what felt like 100 calls we found each other and all three decided to go to La Defense, which is famous for its big arch... which to me isn’t much like an arch, I imagine an arch being round but then... I might be wrong. Anyway this is it !
It started to rain so we decided to do something inside, we found a massive shopping center and well we didn’t do that much we went to Starbucks, then to Naked (food place) where I had a pretty expensive (and crappy) quiche and then, since this place was huge, there was a cinema and me and Edie decided to take a look, and in the end decided to actually go for a movie !
Our friend wanted to go shopping so we let her and we queued up for the tickets, because both of us don’t really look like 18 and 19 we tried (and succeeded) to trick the lady at the counter to get us a cheaper ticket “But only for this ‘fois’ !” yea sure ;) anyway as soon as I got the tickets I realized what the lady said.... *original version* in other words, me and Edie were about to watch a movie in english subbed in french. We saw ‘Friends with Benefits’ which I had already seen but still found funny. Anyway as we got into the screen room (?) you could clearly tell that we two weren’t used to that AT ALL ! We were amazed by the size of the screen and as we sat down, by the comfiness of the seats... we felt like hill billies xD But maybe it’s better like this, if you come from  pretty small town you can enjoy things that might seem normal to anyone else, way better. 

Afterwards we spent some more time in that shopping center but not much, our friend left and we proceeded to go to the Eiffel Tower since, even though I see it from my flat, I hadn’t been to yet. And we decided to go up with the elevator later in the evening, I took what felt like a million pics (Like for my flickr) and then we tried to find some place to eat because I was starving, we ended up at some small stall next to the tower (not to mention pretty expensive, but what isn’t expensive here ?) and yea I had a nice chat with the peeps behind the counter. In foreign countries all italians become the best of friends xD
At 9 we started at the end of the queue, it actually moved forwards pretty quickly, we paid 11,80€ because we were under 24, and then the stressing part started, we wanted to go to the top and it’s not like you get off on the second floor OR go up to the top, you gotta get off on the second floor, you might take a walk around and then you have to queue up AGAIN for the elevator, then you get to the top and yea although there are 4 elevators it took ages ! People were pretty rude and snook in... oh well... anyway at 11 we got to the top, right in time to catch *the sparkles* which is ONLY LIGHTS but always fascinates everyone you could here *oohs* coming from everywhere, pretty funny :)
Then to go back down it was another adventure, took ages and since the metro closes at midnight it was pretty hectic, from there a run to the Trocadero station where there had been some kind of charity concert tonight (apparently) and then everyone went its own way. 

Oh the last bit of this day, as I got out of my metro station, not only I saw that there had been a pretty severe accident with firefighters and ambulances but I also heard the worst chat up line ever !!!
While I was walking to my building some guy chased me from behind on his scooter (he looked like 10) and started talking in french and what I always find amazing is that when I say “I don’t speak french” (in french) I sound pretty french... if that makes sense. Anyway I told him I was from Dublin and kept walking, he then asked (are you ready?).... If I wanted to try his... electric scooter !!!!! xD thank god in that second I reached my door, quickly opened it, declined his really (very tempting) offer and said good night ! 

So that’s it... I should write more often instead of cramming everything into it although this is all ONE DAY... preaching but not practicing... that’s me ! 

Good Night
Julie x


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