Sunday, 18 September 2011

Day 11: " might take the day off to think"

Hello My Lovelies

Sorry about the absence and the un-regular posts but my connection isn’t the best, sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t which is REALLY annoying! 
Anyway here’s what I did today 14.09.2011... one month to my birthday yay... not because of that but because I had the day off and lots of thinking to do, apparently.
I already decided I wanted to go to Disneyland today to get the passeport annuel... but I decided to postpone this decision because of yesterday.

Yesterday morning I messed up a few things at work, no big deal really but well should have done better definitely and in the evening my HM spoke to me about how the last week went, basically another week like that and I’m out... so here it is ! I got my ultimatum and now I gotta work harder.
Not because of the thing I did wrong or in general anything about the child minding, it’s because I didn’t start speaking italian to the girls, which was the main point of me coming here. I must admit, I didn’t try too hard to speak italian but when I did I saw that not even the girls made an effort... a conversation always has at least 2 parts, right ? And when I asked them questions or gave them something to talk about nothing came back besides a “si” (which is ‘Yes’ in ignorants) and well you kinda lose your will to keep going if all you get is that. When they try to speak to me in french, I try to reply as good as I can.. they don’t ! Sorry I love those girls to bits already but it’s not ALL my fault !

Well from tomorrow on I got to start in italian straight from the morning, a day without conversation at all is better than too much of english ! The only english words I allow are “How do you say?” otherwise we won’t move on.. same goes for my french, although (if I stay) I’ll learn a lot of it in school, but still I should talk more. 

Ah so anyway yesterday evening I had a lot on my mind, internet not working, so not being able to vent somewhere wasn’t really that great. This morning then I went to Disneyland, fave clothes on, hair in a way that doesn’t make you want to vomit everytime you look in the mirror and off to your favourite place. Well took some time but it was fun, I spend a lot of time people watching on the metro, because I’m (still) scared to listen to my ipod in case of pickpockets, and you see a bunch of interesting things. Then I did a lot of walking, in and out of the Disney Village, in into the Disneyland Hotel, which still smells like the last time I’ve been there...almost a year ago, found the perfect Christmas present for my friend, sat down in the foyer as if I belonged there, took pictures of many things. Then had some crappy lunch at starbucks cause I wanted to keep it cheap... well... wasn’t THAT cheap ugh... and then decided to go for a movie, this time in french (for real) I went to see Cars 2 and well you gotta know that in french cinemas (from what I’ve seen so far) they do 30mins of adverts which is REALLY annoying ! The movie was to start at 14.30 but started at 15.00 -___-° the movie itself was pretty good... I wish I understood more of it, my mom said she had a teacher who always said “If you understand even only ONE word in the whole movie it’s already great!” well I understood more than 1 but still I missed out on a lot of funny things... I basically just looked at the images, like a child :) 

Then the funny thing I was supposed to get home with the metro again and since Disneyland is quite outside Paris I didn’t have the tickets for going back and 1 ticket was friggin 7€ !!! I checked my wallet and nope.... had 4€ nothing more... what I usually do in this case is walk with my eyes sticking to the ground although it’s pretty unlikely to find 3€ on the floor... thank God I then found 3€ in my bag somewhere beyond all that stuff... so lucky, I wouldn’t have known what to do xD Never ever leave again without my cards !!!! 

Anyway back home now, I ate an apricot muffin which was friggin delicious !!! after 10 days of no sugar, salt or anything that gives any kind of taste, this calorie bomb was needed ! :D 
That's it for now. More to come the following days, now that I got my wifi back :D

Julie xx


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