Friday, 2 September 2011

Tomorrow !!!!

Hello Lovelies,

finally the day has come, tomorrow I'm finally leaving for Paris, my suitcase is still not done but it's just small things left to put inside, I don't know how much it weighs but honestly, I couldn't care less... I managed to fit everything in there. Last time I weighed it there were still 4kg allowed and I don't think I added 4kg of stuff now... though I'm not sure how much my mac weighs :S

Wish me luck ;)

Tomorrow the day is packed. I love traveling, especially alone, because at the airport no one cares about you at all, you're never gonna meet any of those people ever again so you can basically do whatever you want (even vlog); now Naples Airport isn't as cool as for example Charles De Gaulle (btw I'm arriving in Orly... O rly?) but it's still an airport and I can pretend I can't speak italian... love doing that.
A lot of people yesterday gave me "early birthday presents" since I won't be here on *MY* day... I got a bag which is definitely not my style, it's huge, brown and yea... then I got earrings from my aunt which are alright and money from my dad :)
Anyway back to tomorrow's plans, although I have my plane at 6 I'll have to be up at 8 in the morning to go to the hairdresser and basically keep me busy for a while, I hate sitting at home with nothing to do before I leave for holidays, and because my fringe grew at light speed during the last month and I hate it when it's long. At 2.15 I have to take the ferry which I really don't like, if it has AC though...
at 4 check in and at 6.10 finally my plane leaves, I think my parents are coming with me.. at least my mum, not sure if dad's coming. My new hosts will be picking me up I can't wait to finally meet them :) They seem to be great people.

Sunday comes afterwards (stop singing Rebecca Black) and that will be my first day wandering round Paris, the other girls organised a picnic but I couldn't figure out where it is and to be honest I'd like to discover the city by myself a bit :) I'm already planning on going to Disneyland soon, maybe for halloween !!  I think I'll watch Ratatouille sunday evening... I had this silly dream for a while.. watch a movie about a city IN the actual city ^_~

Anyway I'll say good bye now.. or better a bientôt  !!

Julie x

PS: I'll leave this song for you, it's been on replay for weeks now ^_^
Melody Gardot - If the stars were mine


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